I’ll be honest with you: first and foremost, I chose to write about the Tory Burch Amanda Mini Bag because I share a name with it. I tend to always dislike things that are also “Amanda,” but I quite like this one, and when you’re charged with finding eight handbags per day to write about, well, that’s reason enough.

But upon further examination, my favorite part isn’t that the bag and I have the same name – it’s that instead of the usual gold hardware, Tory Burch chose to use a beautiful dark silver tone.

Tory Burch Amanda Mini Bag

The bag itself is pretty standard, but I think that it’s executed very well. The leather that Burch chooses for her bags is almost always incredibly smooth and expensive-looking, and although big logos normally irritate me, the metal charm sort of works here. It looks big enough to hold all of your essentials without being unwieldy, and I could see it easily being taken from day to night. Plus, the price is pretty reasonable. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $365.


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