There’s nothing I love more than seeing a young brand make a vast improvement, and it would be an understatement to say that the new season bags coming out from See by Chloe are better than anything that we’ve ever seen from them. They’re a lot better.

Six months ago, would you ever have expected that we’d ever see something as sophisticated or elegant from the brand as the See by Chloe Grasshopper Crossbody Bag? I certainly wouldn’t have, but I couldn’t be more pleased to have been wrong.

See by Chloe Grasshopper Crossbody Bag

The word that comes to mind most when I look at this bag is “grown-up,” and that’s in stark contrast to the previous seasons of work from See by Chloe, whose bags had been heretofore characterized by a sort of innate childishness that made them always a bit unappealing. I consider myself a grown woman, and a lot of their bags didn’t seem mature enough to go with my wardrobe, even at 23.

But this one, however, has style to spare. The color isn’t my favorite, but the bag’s lines earn such high marks that I don’t find myself thinking about the color in the least. It looks like the powers that be finally let some of Chloe’s tailored bohemia into the little-sister line, and it was just in the nick of time. Buy through Saks for $590.

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  • Nicola Mo

    This color does nothing for me, far too wishy washy

  • Anna Cooperberg Gzz.

    This is really a lovely bag! I’m especially drawn to the skinny little strap from the handle to the lock; it adds a tinily cool detail and some depth to the bag.

  • Shannon

    Its really pretty, but it kind of reminds me of the leather bags that Coach has been putting out lately.

  • bunny

    i loved the color at first, then suddenly when i read ur wishy washy comment, i realized u r right. what must u wear to make this bag look good? all washed out/grey jeans with a white t-shirt/tank/tube all the time?

    and it is really really pretty, but ur right too shannon, looks like coach.

    wow ever since i staretd reading the purse blog i keep realizing that u guys analyse bags way better than i ever did, and that is when i DO love handbags!

  • Mochababe73

    This another example of another bag in a nothing color. A blue red would have looked a lot better. It is nice that See by Chloe is doing a more grown-up bag. Most of what they have looks like it’s geared towards teenagers.
    I don’t know if it looks like the current, more modern Coach. However, it it reminiscent of Coach from the 80s and 90s. Unfortunately, I don’t think that their target market is going to purchase this bag. The price is fair, but even at my age, I find it a little dowdy.

  • bunny

    i love this color. on a shirt, a belt, shoes, a wallet. but not a bag, especially not one as big as this.
    this bag shud’ve been made in that dark midnight blue color. sigh.

  • Jane

    My goes immediately to the strap from the top of the bag to the lock. It reminds me of old days when men used to wear a gold chain from their pocket and inside was a gorgeous gold pocket watch. I think this is hands down the best I have seen from See by Chloe.