I talk a lot of smack about See by Chloé and I have no problem admitting it. For a diffusion line that comes from such a chic brand, SbC tends to turn out a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t carry even if it were given to me for free. There’s a significant aesthetic disconnect between the two brands, and it rarely works out in See by Chloé’s favor.

With the See by Chloe Cherry Zippered Purse, the brand has managed to create not only something that I’d carry, but something for which I might consider paying. It’s not very big, but I find myself in constant need of better organization and little pouches like this would be a stylish way to achieve just that.

I can think of two great uses for this little bag: a wallet that can also hold your phone in a larger, crowded school or work bag, and a tiny clutch to take out on the town when you want to keep things very simple. According to the measurements, I could fit my Blackberry, cards and a key to my house and maybe my car in it. When you want to run out the door quickly or keep the important things in your big tote bag close at hand, that’s all you need. Buy through ShopBop for $100.

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12 years ago

Cute, stylish, and not too expensive. The color’s good too.

12 years ago

Unfortunately, it’s sold out. I like the color and shape.

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