A bag with good texture can be hard to find. If it’s done well, it can easily make a bag one of the most unique and eye-catching options out there. If it’s not done well, things can start looking cheap really, really quickly.

As far as the ROMYGOLD Biker Slash Tote goes, I think it errs on the side of cool and interesting. The graphic white immediately sets a modernist tone, and the shape and size of the slashes takes that idea to the next level. I feel like it might be missing something, though, but I’m not quite sure what that might be.

I really like the body of this bag – as I mentioned, the combination of color and texture are ultra-modern and totally cool. You won’t find a great deal of bags that are rocking this aesthetic at the moment, and perhaps minimalism is the next big thing. In fact, it seems like a rather logical alternative to the preponderance of studs, fringe, ruffles and zippers that we’ve seen over the past few seasons. I simple bag with clean lines and modern texture might be just what the doctor ordered. Still, something could be better…maybe it’s the handles? Buy through ShopBop for $462.

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  • Kailey

    The handles definitely have something to do with the minor “off-ness” off the bag. I also think it’s TOO WHITE. Maybe just some subtle light gold hardware somewhere….maybe where some nicer handles connect to the body of the bag? But yeah, the texture overlay is nicely done!

  • Anita

    I like the texture as well, but it is too white.(fb)

  • Jane

    I am so glad you decided to post about this bag. I saw it a few days ago and immediately loved the design. Its simple yet has a unique design. I get what you were saying about something missing, I think it might just be too white on the screen I bet it is perfect in real life. I really love this bag and the price. Can’t you just see it being worn in East Hampton? I can. (fb)

  • Leslie

    I think I agree with the others in say it is too white. Even though it has nice cut out detailing, the brightness of the white kind of overwhelms it. I think either some simple silver or gold hardware to break up the white or another shade of white would be nicer. (fb)

  • sostiserra

    For me it has something to do with the straps. The plainness of the straps throws off the whole coolness of the bag. I think they should have done thinner straps or multiple-layeres straps, like three thin straps on each side tied together in a knot where the straps meet the bag.

  • marian t

    love the detailing, texture, i will prefer this in neutral color other than too white. love the price too! (fb)

  • Sara

    It’s missing hardware. Hardware on the straps would have broken up all the whiteness

  • Leticia

    The texture is PERFECT, it’s the shape that disappoints, in my opinion. I’m missing hardware, a better shape, a better strap and just any kind of detailing other than the texture. (fb)