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  • Or

    I’m not sure i get it – the guy just rips-off LV (the bucket bag is Noe and the last tote is NF, albeit both at a reasonable price point for leather bags) and suddenly there is a “buying frenzy”? I do not see anything original or inventive in his bags to justify this – just my 2 cents

    • SpringandMercer

      Mansur Gavriel bags are not designed by a “guy”. They were created by two women, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel.

      • Or

        Didn’t know that (and was lazy to google) – thanks. So, they ripped PS in the “name” department then?)

      • Proenza Schouler is designed by people with the last names Hernandez and McCollough.

      • Or

        PS are initials of their mothers’ last names if im not mistaken. So, similar approach, but i guess same could be said of other brands (DG come to mind)

    • uadjit

      Do you seriously believe that LV invented the open tote and bucket bag? These bags are obviously not so much about being original but about clean design and beautiful execution at a relatively reasonable price point.

      • Or

        Its not really what i think about who invented these styles (and if im not wrong Noe has been around since 1930s); its when i looks at the limited number of MG styles shown on this site the first thing that comes to mind is – here are 2 very famous LV designs.

    • Winn

      The fact that YOU “don’t get it” says nothing about these bags and a whole lot about your (lack of) taste. You may not appreciate timeless shapes or quality materials, but many of us do.

      • Or

        1. You dont need to get personal or defensive – you dont know me or my taste and i didnt offend anyone’s taste; 2. Please read my post carefully – nowhere it says i dont like the designs, the point is that these designs are not origina ( see another post by guest above saying essentially the same thing)l and i do not understand the hype around these generic bags. 3. Generally, please read posts before responding or dont post – its an exchange of opinions, nothing more than that.

      • Abbi


      • Can’t we all just get along? <<>>

        I really enjoy hearing people’s different views on bags and what works for them or doesn’t. We all have different opinions and that is great to hear!

  • cherryorchard

    I don’t think MG bags can be traced back to any specific brand design wise -they’re very basic and simple designs, a hundred other brands have done open top totes and bucket bags. I think it’s just a matter of great materials, reasonable prices and timeless details that draw people to them.Cherryp

  • Guest

    The bucket bag reminds me of one that I bought at La Bagagerie in Paris many, many years ago. It was all leather and a fraction of the MG price. I still have it, and it still looks good.
    MG has done a great job of putting their bags on the arm of every blogger, wannabe blogger, and magazine editor in the country and then creating an artificial scarcity of product. The bag is everywhere, yet nowhere. But it is NOT unique, and consumers aren’t stupid. I don’t envision anyone going out of their way to purchase these designs, and certainly not at Moda Operandi prices and with a five month wait. That’s absurd!

    • I wouldn’t mistake a lot of editors and bloggers having these bags for a lot of editors and bloggers being given these bags. People tend to bring up their bags or bags they want with me at industry events, and I know at least a dozen people who fit those descriptions, off the top of my head, who have had to track down and buy theirs just like everyone else, including people who work for very prominent sites and magazines. I also know three or four who have pre-ordered at Moda. These days, almost everything is a marketing ploy, but I think this is an example of something that a lot of people just genuinely like.

  • nooy

    Am really torn as to which size I should get. I’m not very tall (5’2) so I’m afraid that the regular size will look too big on me. Does the regular and mini size differ quite a bit in your opinion?

  • Eens

    I’ve been added to a couple of MG bucket bag wait lists, not sure though if I should get the original size or the mini. Does any one have specs or pictures so I can see the difference. Thanks!