Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Benny Satchel

I’ve used my time visiting my parents over the past week or so check out a sampling of the best malls in Atlanta, and it seems like everywhere I went, I saw the entire Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal line sitting on shelves and hanging on racks, just waiting for people to scoop it up. Unfortunately, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Benny Satchel was easily my least favorite.

It’s not the sprightly color or the cute metal sparrow that bothers me – in fact, those parts are so cute that it’s a waste that they’re used on this bag. The shape isn’t bad either – it’s a standard satchel that most people find useful and at least reasonably functional.

The problem is those handles. Skinny, cheap-looking, a total afterthought – I hate them. I don’t love rolled handles, but they’d look more high-end than these do by a long shot. Even thicker, wider flat handles would be a significant improvement (and have the added benefit of also showing off the beautiful leather that the brand uses). The skinny little handles that they chose instead just make the design look poorly planned and poorly executed. Buy through Nordstrom for $398.

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  • 19yearslater

    You’re right. The Sasha/Natasha strap is tapered perfection, and this bag from the same line is a handle miss. I saw this bag in person at the mall a couple of days ago, too, and the sales girl nearly had a heart attack from excitement as I was wearing the navy crossbody from last fall’s Petal line.

  • Jane

    I am so happy that you decided to write about the MbMJ petal to the metal benny satchel at first I was so excited to see that shape, and then I saw the handles. They are so thin and cheap looking. They even look like they could snap in half after awhile.

  • Loquita

    Agreed, Amanda. This is by far the weakest design from the Petal to the Metal series, which I absolutely adore. The only thing that stops me from getting the Natasha (the Sasha is just way too big for me) is the color selection. The black is perfect, but I don’t need another black bag…and the rest of the colors are truly uninspired. For some reason they seem washed out up against those fantastic hardware accents.

  • Chanti

    Thanks for sharing. I am so in love with the Sasha bag…I was even considering giving into to this one, but I’m not in LoVe with it at all.

  • mandy

    Agreed, Amanda. I was so excited when I saw the Sasha that I went looking for a satchel, and was truly disappointed by the handles on this bag. The handles totally ruin it for me, and unfortunately since I don’t need yet another tote, there aren’t any bags in this collection that work for me. Disappointing.

  • Lisa

    I like that it is light weight, and I love the accessibility of satchels. The Natasha looks nice, but getting in and out of it is a chore, with the flap design. I like function and beauty. Maybe that’s the best he could do for the $400.00 price point. Personally I am not paying $700 plus for a bag. Designers need a reality check. The sky is not the limit for me, $400 is. They think women are stupid and will pay anything to fit in. I won’t. Stop buying and they will come back to earth. Send a message.