Well, well, well, now look at this metallic bag. I am not usually a huge fan of small messenger bags since well, I’m not really a huge fan of messenger bags in general. More than that, I worry that a mini messenger like this might look absolutely ridiculous on me. However, I am a firm believer in exceptions to rules and this is a bag I might have to bend the rules for.

Maxwell Metallic Mini Messenger Bag

The Madwell Metallic Mini Messenger Bag is definitely a bag you don’t see everyday and that is a good thing. I love that this bag is so unique. I definitely haven’t seen anything like it in quite some time. And hey, we all love a bag that is truly different and stands out a bit. This pebbled, bronze leather bag has buttoned straps and a magnetic closure. If you are a fan of bronze, then you are sure to like that not only is the leather brown, but also the hardware. Like most (if not all) messenger bags this one has an adjustable shoulder strap so you can make sure it is snug enough or loose enough for your taste. This would be a great bag both during the day and at night! Buy through Shopbop for $128.

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