Linea Pelle debuts woven bags

When I think woven leather, I think Bottega Veneta, and I doubt that I’m alone in that in that association. It’s hard to a bag like the Linea Pelle Perry Woven Mini Crossbdoy without making consumers think you’ve taken another brand’s idea, but I think that the designers behind Linea Pelle have managed to do it.

They’re not exactly roaming in uncharted territory with this bag, but I think that the overall feel (and specifically, the woven leather) is chunky and rustic enough to keep most of the Bottega comparisons at bay. And even if it isn’t, the price is low enough that most people probably won’t care.

It seems as though Linea Pelle has been only sticking with what they know lately, and it makes me very happy to see something new from the company. Their bags are generally very well priced and use soft, supple leather, and the more they expand, the happier I am. I’d love to see this bag in a brighter color – perhaps purple? Buy through ShopBop for $225.


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