Juicy Couture Cheetah Daydreamer Tote

Juicy Couture almost had me on the Juicy Couture Cheetah Daydreamer Tote. My predilection for the occasional tacky handbag is well-documented, as is my love for animal print, and this was almost a match made in cheesey heaven for me.

But then, as the brand is wont to do, they ruined it.

As they say in Clueless, this bag is a full-on Monet. From a distance, it looks relatively simple and a bit cheeky, which is something that a lot of people like. When you go in for the close-up, though, things are just a big ol’ mess.

One of my biggest gripes with the brand as a whole is that they manage to splash their logo all over everything they make. As someone in my early 20s, I should be within their target customer demographic, but their overly logo-conscious aesthetic turns me off almost completely. I thought that maybe, just maybe, this was a Daydreamer bag without an enormous logo covering its center, but when I looked at the picture, I realized I was sadly mistaken.

There’s huge, tacky embroidery, just as there almost always is. It doesn’t look right on the bag, it clashes with the pattern, and it’s ugly. Try harder next time, Juicy. Buy through Nordstrom for $198.

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  • 19yearslater

    Oh- oh, no. That bag is so ugly. I’m not a fan of animal print as it is, and this is uglier than most. There were recently daydreamer totes in tartan and daisy prints that had no large logos. I guess Juicy forgot about those days and went for the let’s put a huge logo on a stand-out print approach.

  • Shannon

    I wish they did it the way they did the plaid Daydreamer and just wrote Juicy in small script on the bottom, in the corner. I’m also not digging this new shape, I prefer the traditional tote style, maybe its the straps that are making it look weird.

  • Jane

    I can’t stand JC they always over do it with their logo, yuck.

  • Mochababe73

    I like the bag. But, I wear something animal print or animal related everyday. I am in my mid 30s and own a Daydreamer bag. I love it, and it fits into my everyday life. The logo is hardly recognizable.

  • Kristie

    Love the black leather and gold hardware! I actually think this would be a really versatile bag..and the cheetah print is not obnoxious like it sometimes can be.

    You could just turn it the other way if you didn’t like the logo..

  • Laurenn

    to be honest , this bag is the least bit tacky compared to most of their purses . the logo isn’t as big nor is it that visible as it kind of camos . with the print . i think it’s very cute and its different from the other juicy purses . it’s extremely versatile and perfect for the spring and summer since animal prints are a big trend for those seasons .

    i would rate this bag a 5 out of 5

  • chelsea

    what are you talking about!! this bag is SO cute, i don’t think it’s tacky at all.

  • Shawn

    My best friend received a Cheetah Print Daydreamer Bag as a gift for her 35th birthday from her husband. The majority of her guest as well as myself are over the age of 40 and everyone LOVED the bag (Juicy logo and all). I’m sure the age in clientele makes a big difference with the likes and dislikes of merchandise sold thoughout the US and this bag has seemed to have sold out in a lot of the stores where it was selling . Like they say,” Actions Speak LOUDER Than Words”.

  • Sadaf

    can some 1 tell me where would i get this from :/ i really want this bag