It has been approximately six years since I’ve left the house without the accompaniment of one kind of key pouch or another. I started using one during my freshman year of college because easy access to my student ID was essential to enter my dorm, and it proved so useful that I never quit.

It’s so convenient to have my driver’s license, debit card and insurance cards attached to my keys, just in case I need to run out the door with minimal baggage. The only problem I’ve had so far is that leather key holders tend to get dirty quickly, but the Felix Rey Leopard Mesh Key Pouch solves that problem nicely by being covered in metal mesh.

It’s brilliant, really, and it makes me mad that I had never thought of it before. Metal mesh, most often associated with Whiting & Davis, is absolutely perfect for this type of little accessory that gets constantly banged around with your keys, cell phone, and the discarded mint wrappers at the bottom of your purse (or maybe those are just in my purse.)

Obviously, however, this little beauty doesn’t sacrifice style for durability. Leopard print is having a moment right now, and this simple, graphic interpretation is accented perfectly with a little bit of hot pink trim. I’m not sure, but I think I may have to turn in my current key pouch for this one in the near future. Buy through ShopBop for $80.

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