While the Northeast US gets pummeled by snow again, I imagine that several of you in that region are waiting for the thaw and some warm weather. When I used to live in that area, I loved the snow but around this time of the year, I’d begin to scheme with my friends about what weekend trips we would take when the weather warmed up.

Yet, each time I was getting ready to go on one of these little weekend trips, I’d run into the same problem. I didn’t have a duffle bag that was sufficient. I either had a beach tote or one of my larger suitcases. Each time I’d make due, but the next trip would pop up and I would be mad at myself all over again. So, perhaps it is time to plan ahead and find a fun duffle bag for weekend getaways.

When it comes to duffle bags, I don’t need Louis Vuitton luggage or anything like that (although it would be nice). I have no problem finding a functional and somewhat cute bag where I don’t have to put down big bucks and instead I can use that money for another bag or the vacation itself.

The Dooney & Bourke Sport Pop Domed Canvas Duffle Bag is exactly what I am looking for. From afar it looks like there is a bit of a swirl design and up close, you can see the swirling Dooney & Bourke logo which is shockingly not too overpowering. However, the cinched sides with vachetta leather ties are not necessary. In fact, I wish I could remove them all together. The shoulder straps look durable and comfortable which is a great plus when it comes to slugging a duffle bag around. If you wouldn’t use this as an option for a duffle bag, can you give me some suggestions? Buy through Nordstrom for $135.

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  • Sue

    Don’t end your search before you check out Jane Marvel’s adorable, chic, durable, functional, affordable travel bags! I absolutely adore my “puddle jumper” – it ended my search for the perfect weekend bag – now I just buy new color combos!

  • Thistle

    I just fell for Treesje’s Fatal Duffel in multi on LB! I don’t even go for skulls normally, but it is too cute and totally functional. I would wait for it to go on sale though, b/c it is a little pricey for canvas.

  • 19yearslater

    This bag is super cute and the shape is a little out of the norm. I think it would make a great travel bag.

  • coachbags

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