Consider Linea Pelle for your next weekend jaunt

Although we may all be back to our regular work and school schedules now that summer has unofficially ended and cooler weather has started to slowly (very slowly) creep in, that doesn’t mean that none of us are ever going on a vacation again (or travelling for work, for that matter). On the contrary – I’m going to New York City next month to consider a possible change of location, even though I went precisely nowhere during traditional vacation season.

Even if you don’t have any travel in the cards right now, a weekender bag is something that everyone should have in their closets in case an opportunity (or necessity) springs up. If you prefer to travel with leather instead of nylon or canvas and want your overnight bag to be as chic as your purse, the Linea Pelle Dylan Weekender Bag might be perfect for you.

Buying nylon luggage is almost never exciting for me, and if I’m spending money on a bag of any sort, I want it to be something I completely enjoy. Linea Pelle leather is absolutely top-notch, and this is the type of utilitarian bag that I’d be proud to bring on any trip, to anywhere in the world. Its functionality doesn’t betray the bag’s sense of style or luxurious feel, even when you might be exhausted after a long flight or road trip. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $595.


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