When I first scrolled past the Cole Haan Bailey East/West Zipper Tote in the New Arrivals section of Saks.com, I honestly assumed it was a Jimmy Choo bag. It’s got the look that they’ve been using recently – similar tote structure, similarly textured leather, some gathering and gold hardware. I was fully convinced.

But it’s not, obviously. It’s a Cole Haan bag, and a reasonably nice-looking one at that. The fact that I readily believed that I was looking at a bag that would probably cost nearly five times as much as this one does is probably indication enough that the designers of this one did a good job.

Cole Haan Bailey East West Zipper Tote

Cole Haan always does a nice job of making their bags super functional as well as chic, and this one is no different. It’s got a resilient nylon interior, lots of interior and exterior pockets, and a top zipper to keep all your stuff safely inside. The leather looks both luxe and durable, which is great since you’ll want this bag around as a wardrobe staple for years to come. Buy through Saks for $398.

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