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  • HKKH

    I like the Carven Grained Shoulder Bag due to its interesting closure. I’ve never come across a bag like this, although I’m sure they’re many.

  • AshleyG

    I HATE the Gucci ads- and I can’t even X out of them on my screen once it’s done- I literally have to click refresh to access your blog. :(

    That said, this is a nice assortment of bags…

    • Bea Iturregui

      Just click anywhere else outside the ad to access the site, no need to refresh the whole page. Hope this helps :)

      • AshleyG

        Thanks Bea, I’m pretty sure I tried that already but will certainly try again next time.

      • *flies away*

        Download firefox (a browser like safari or google chrome) and you can the download an add on called ad blocker that stops annoying ads from popping up on your screen :)

  • rada

    that skagen is lovely.

  • LadyLLC

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a mansur gavriel!

  • Renee

    The dimensions on the bag were not available. Does anyone know what they are and also if the shoulder strap is adjustable. The only thing I don’t think I would like about this bag is that you need to tie and untie it . I wish it had a pull closure to tighten and a fastener to secure in place.

  • Cbl

    Wow R.Minkoff is even copying the LV Epi now. No bueno.

    • leesgray

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  • shueaddict

    what a great line-up … sans Rebecca Rip-off. Epi leather + a rockstud ?!?

  • hernu

    That mansur gavriel definitely the winner

  • Dylan

    Soooooo tired of the Mansur bag.

  • Over40fashion

    I could make the Clare V Louise myself with just a black bag and a carpet remnant.
    I really like the interesting look of both the red Rag and Bone and the Carven Grained.
    The Grey Halston Heritage is gorgeous. And I would rob a liquor store for that Skagen Mikkeline.

  • Leah

    halston heritage bag <3