Nancy Gonzalez Ruched Crocodile Satchel

And she is at it again. The highly touted crocodile bag designer, Nancy Gonzalez, toned down the bright and jumping colors, to release exquisite mature and work friendly colors. The Nancy Gonzalez Ruched Crocodile Satchel is sophisticated chic and ready for the working lady, available in the grown up but not washed out colors of olive green or caramel crocodile. The shape is sophistication, the gold tone hardware is the perfect accent, the ruched body is subtle, and the double zip top is practical. I have said it time and time again, but if you are ga-ga for Croc, Nancy Gonzalez is your go-to gal. Pre order via Saks for $3250.

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  • Francesca Celli

    Vivo en Bogotá, desearía que me dijera donde se puede conseguir los accesorios y carteras de Nancy Gónzalez.
    Francesca :lol:

    • Roci

      Hola Francesca En colombia no se consiguen las carteras de Nancy Gonzalez pero en Bogota hay una empresa que hace lindas cartreas de cocodrilo con las mismas pieles que trabaja Nancy Gonzalez, son de la misma curtiembre y por supuesto el precio mucho mejor. Puedes escribir a

  • Lara

    OK, this bag looks nice and classy. For those of us who like crocs, gators and the like, I would suggest some other great designers that will blow your mind away. I am enclosing their links in case someone else, like myself) is a handbag fanatic. And if someone else can add other links to view and admire . . . I am always curious.

    Beatrice Amblard

    Marcela Calvet

    Alexandra Knight

    Alina Garcia and Yaminia Halfon

    • Sonya

      I agree Lara. This one bag is nice but I do not like all of Nancy Gonzalez’ designs. Thanks for sharing the links to these other great designers. I checked them out and they all seem so beautiful, but to see Beatrice Amblard’s website one has to request a password. That turned me off a bit. Marcela Calvet’s website is so classy and refined. Her bags are so feminine and gorgeous. I think I liked hers the best.

    • Marie

      These sites are great, thanks for the info. Can you tell me, are there significant differences in quality of various croc and alligator bags? Should I stay with a more famous designer? I found a site called and the prices seem too good to be true–nearly half that of Nancy Gonzalez bags. Any thoughts? Thank you.

      • Sonya

        Hi Marie,
        I am not sure of SOLOWEST.COM; I do not know them. There are several sites that offer alligator bags, etc. but you know, I think it is best to stick with actual designers; those with a reputable name and who stand behind their products. And if the prices are too good to be true, as you mentioned. the bags may not be made in the real skin at all. BE CAREFUL. Alligator bags ARE EXPENSIVE. I suggest you stay with high profile designers like Nancy Gonzalez, Marcela Calvet, Beatrice Amblard and the like. Their prices are higher because they use the best skins obviously, and their bags (I am not sure about Gonzalez), but Calvet and Amblard, well their handbags are handmade; which makes a huge difference!

  • esther matallana

    Hola sra Nancy, :razz:
    El pasado jueves 4 de Oct. me acerque a Ud. en el lanzamiento de su collecion de bolsos en la tienda de Neiman Marcus en el Mall de Short Hills en New Jersey. Me presente como estudeante Colombiana del Programa Puesta al Futuro de la Universidad fairleigh Dickinnson, NJ y le conte que este es un programa para estudiantes latinoamericanos que desean superase en un reto de educacion global y que nos gustaria que nos dictara una charla sobre sus estrategias de marketing para entrar en el mercado americano con su gama de productos exclusivos en cuero de cocodrilo.
    De antemano le doy las gracias y nos sentiriamos muy alagados de tenerla le di a conocer a mis profesores y companeros acerca de de su lanzamiento me senti muy orgullosa.
    mi email es
    Esther :grin:

  • bob

    hi all
    please if some one can help
    i need to buy products from nancy gonzalez
    so please if someone know how can i contact her:any phone numbr,e-mail address….

  • Kendra

    So nice. (fb)

  • jessi

    do not buy from solowest, they are the worst people, and the quality of the bags are terrible, they coming apart of course they are made in china!!!!!!!

  • margo

    Buenas tardes señora
    NANCY GONZALEZ ,hoy fue mi primera vez que he oído de sus carteras y echas en pieles de cocodrilo y me maravillo tanto que terminando el seminario me vine derecho a investigar sobre su producto y me párese maravilloso que una colombiana tenga tanto éxito en sus productos yo soy emprendedora de nuestra Colombia linda y mis sueños son muy grandes y me llamo mucho la atención
    las personas que contrata que son madres cabeza de familia ese es mi ideal bueno sin palabras ,mas sinceras admiración por su gran labor y que DIOS la siga llenando de bendiciones .