Jimmy Choo Leather & Suede Satchel

Typically, I would prefer Jimmy Choo on my feet, but every so often Choo releases a bag that I fall for. I fall for it in the way that I enjoy looking at it, appreciate the craftsmanship, but will never buy it. Does that make it a bad handbag? Maybe that just means my bank account needs to totally lust for a bag to buy it, not just enjoy it. Either way, I am strongly ‘enjoying’ the Jimmy Choo Leather & Suede Satchel because of its laid back style, use of sheen calfskin alongside soft suede, and funky hardware. From the front view, the bag looks a bit bland, but shown from the side I love it. I’d wear it right to the resort or to the country club, heck, I’d wear it to the grocery store. You would have to be a bit careful with the bag, being that it is light in color and suede is harder to care for. If you could bring it into your handbag cycle, it would be a totally chic sporty bag. Side pockets, double shoulder straps, and a top zip closure finish off the bag. Dimensions are 10″H X 15″L X 6½”W. I am not running out to buy the bag, but I do ‘enjoy’ it thoroughly! Through Saks for $1895.

Front picture after the jump!

Jimmy Choo Leather & Suede Satchel

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  • BillyBob Jnr III Da Da Da

    Omgi love this bag it is perfect!!!! I spent all my savings on it but i dont give a shit because it is amazing!

    • BillyBob Jnr II Da Da Da

      I no BillyBob u make me proud!

  • BillyBob Snr III Da Da Da

    I no my sons but plz shut up!

  • Billyet jnr II Da Da Da

    huney thats for me so fuck off u shit ass hole pissing me of u crapy bitch. LOVE YOU. OH and dat bag is amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Georgia

    Umm.. WTH! People Plz stop wiv the spam!

  • Billyet jnr II Da Da Da

    way to go! u have just ended the BillyBob jnr III Da Da Da Da amazing conversation >:(

  • Naggy

    It looks so utilitarian but stylish at the same time. (ipad)