I’ve said it before and I’ll happily say it again: Chloe uses some of the most drool-worthy leather of any brand on the market. It’s thick, it’s soft, and it manages to convey both of those characteristics both in person and in photos. It is often also arm-achingly heavy, but sometimes we have to suffer for fashion, ok? I know my Stam has given me a sore shoulder once or twice…

Chloe Marlow Top Handle

Anyway! So we’re talking about the Chloe Marlow Top Handle, right? Right. And it’s great, I love it. The grey leather looks so supple that I want to reach through the computer, yank it out, and rub it against my face. But that’s not even my favorite part. What makes the whole thing is the unexpected brown belt that circles the top, giving the bag a vintage, New England sort of look. It looks like the bag that your college TA would carry, if your college TA was the most fashionable person in the history of grad students. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $1558.

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  • 19yearslater

    Exactly what I was thinking, it says high-fashion classroom. Love it.

  • Louise in Europe

    Beautiful!!! Want one!

  • Morgan

    If you find anything with a similar color and style PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post it on savvy?


  • tikiandbabu

    Love it.

  • tadpolenyc

    wow! i really like this. i love it actually. i’m thinking of getting it now.

  • Catalina


    Do we know the dimensions of the bag? I couldn’t find them on Luisa Via Roma.

  • veyda

    Mmmm, come to mama. Another hit for Chloe.

  • Jennifer

    I am SO loving it. Actually yesterday I was at Saks in Boston & inquired about it & they said they are most likely not going to be carrying this in the color above! :( I really like it but am iffy about buying such an expensive bag online…Also the SA told me that they have a much more amazing bag coming in for Spring, do you know anything about that???

  • Mandy

    LOVE Chloe. LOVE this tote. May have to have it.

  • Etincelle

    Ohh it’s absolutely gorgeous!! I might get one!

  • deborah

    yup, chloe makes amazing bags … this ones a stunner…

  • Gina

    omg.. im in love with this bag…. i LOVE IT SO MUCH!

  • mulan

    I bought this bag in taupe color at Chloe boutique in Southern California at 60% discount a couple of weeks ago. Love this bag. It’s absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice! (fb)

  • hamda

    good one but is it available in other colors as well.would like to see it in other colors as well .this color is giving little older look:s

  • m

    I have now, at this point, sent you 3 emails requesting you to PUT ME BACK ON your address emailing list. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten emails from you…………