Yesterday, Yves Saint Laurent relaunched with a fresh assortment of iconic YSL products that are exclusive to their online store. Many of the products are never-before-seen in boutiques, but we have the inside scoop on some of the items hitting the site.

Yves Saint Laurent have perfected many techniques, one being embossed sueded crocodile fabrications. I have been a long time fan of this process, as YSL has found a way to make it look luxurious and authentic, without being forced.

Both the Large Muse Bag and Trib Too Pumps are adorned in croco embossed suede in a variety of colors. While we typically stick with the bags, these pumps stand out and deserve mention. They are sleek and sexy.

And of course we have the bag itself. The Muse is not only one of the most iconic bags from the fashion house, but has been a long time personal favorite bag. The shape is what lures me in, with its signature padlock and stitched Y design. In fact, if you examine many YSL bags you will see that via clever designing, the letter ‘Y’ is often integrated into their pieces. The Large Muse is available in grey and beige right now on for $1,695.

If you have not felt Yves Saint Laurent’s embossed croco material, I am encouraging you to walk into a store and touch touch the bags. The Muses are only available online, fortunately YSL makes other bags out of this croc suede. It is lush, thick, and sturdy while remaining chic with added dimension.

Actually, I always look for this from YSL. I still am kicking myself at passing by a Muse Two that I was obsessing over a year ago. That is how much I love this skin.

And a closer look at the pumps. Shoe addicts are known to flock to buy YSL shoes in droves. They have amassed a large following, and it is easy to see why. The Trib Too Pumps are available in the higher pump and lower, also in grey, beige and natural. The low pump has a 3.5″ heel with a 1″ covered platform while the high pump has a 5″ heel with a 1.5″ covered platform. The both shoes are $850.

Make sure to check out the re-vamped and shop all YSL Exclusives at

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  • Valentina

    Perfection. I go for the green, bag and shoes.

  • Beth

    Great bag. What is the colour on the far right? Is it gray, green? Whatever it is, it’s fantastic.

    • The file we got fro YSL had it marked as grey, yet it’s clearly green. I suspect they make both shades.

      • Megs Mahoney Dusil

        I think it is a green grey color actually.

      • Beth

        It’s lovely. It’s the exact shade of my winter coat.

  • llson

    Great texture on a great bag. Love YSL, have been carrying my Muse all week.

    • Tangela

      Funny, I normally change bags every Sunday and I have been carrying my Muse for 2 weeks non-stop. I guess I am not the only one :-)

  • Charlene

    love them! absolutely gorgeous! (fb)

  • kim

    after posting those le balenciaga yesterday and now these, are you trying to get me in trouble?!? do you want dh to kill me when he gets back from iraq?
    these are gorgeous!

  • Alana

    Did you make that first photo?? I love it!! Always loved this material from YSL too!!

    • I Photoshop’ed it together in a late session last night! Glad you like it.

      • Elizabeth

        Very Impressive! Pilati should hire you as their marketing designer – lately been putting logos on some of their bags in all the wrong places. :) This picture looks perfect!

  • sofia nolan

    the large muse bag is interesting … but the shoes are way too common and nowadays matching shoes with the handbag is not as mandatory as it was back in the day. of course, you can have a great outfit by matching them, my point is, you can be fabulous even if you`re not doing this.

  • mochababe73

    I am not a real fan of crocodile embossing. The bag is beautiful without it. However, I think that I love, love, love the shoes.

  • Jane

    Stunning bags and shoes

  • Loquita

    Beautiful!!! I love YSL, and am thrilled that they have re-launched their website, which was in need of some attention – it wasn’t doing the amazing designs any justice. While the color palette on the above items is a bit too muted for my personal taste, I can appreciate just how gorgeous and chic these pieces are.

  • Olivia 

    Beautiful!! I don’t have the YSL Muse yet but I plan to get it, it’s 2nd in my line now.

  • high heel for sale

    I usually watch for YSL, and to see what designs he will come out with. I used to buy his cosmetics and perfume. But that was during my living the single life days.

  • Emma G

    Love an exclusive (ipad)