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The Updated Version of the Saint Laurent Manhattan Bag is Already a Hit

Released just in time for fall, the newest iteration of a fan favorite is sleek and chic


Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent surprises us time and time again. On the one hand, he has fully embraced the codes set forth by his predecessor, whose shoes were an enormous pair to fill. Yet, season after season, Vaccarello continues to put his own spin on the Saint Laurent brand, breaking the mold of what we expect and introducing new bags that defy the traditional brand formula.

One of those bags was introduced in late 2019. While it wasn’t a huge hit instantaneously like some of the brand’s other bags (the Le 5 à 7’s instant ‘IT’ factor comes to mind), the Saint Laurent Manhattan Bag has grown to be a fan-favorite, quietly becoming a popular choice. Now, as the trend towards neutrals and low-key luxe bags continues to boom, the Saint Laurent Manhattan is ready to shine, and its newest iteration is already a hit.

Saint Laurent Manhattan Bag Black

New and Noteworthy

In a campaign fronted by the, dare we say, iconic Kate Moss, Saint Laurent introduced the Saint Laurent Manhattan Top Handle Bag earlier this summer. The same, but different, the top handle version showcases the unmistakable codes of the Manhattan bag, like the thin belted finish, which adjusts the bag’s opening by tightening it or loosening it.

The style is further defined by its versatility in styling, as it looks chic worn closed but also casual and cool worn open. This versatility allows for functional day-to-night wear and multiple ways of styling. The bag’s strap length can also be adjusted for short or long wear. Elegant, ladylike, and super-sleek, the bag is currently only available in black calfskin, which is smooth and has a slight sheen.

Already a favorite of friend of the house, Hailey Bieber, discover more below and shop now via Luisaviaroma for $4,200.

HAILEY BIEBER Saint Laurent Manhattan Top Handle


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  1. James Avatar

    so hermes kelly….

  2. Jaime Avatar

    I bought the envelope/clutch version of this bag with no handle and its stunning. Yes its giving Kelly vibes but I paid $1800 vs $10,000. The leather is so soft and its very classic.

  3. CeCe Avatar

    already a hit with people who got it for free?! color me surprised

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Looks like a copy of the Kelly. I’m sure it’s gorgeous, and I am not a fan of Hermes, but all I’ll ever be able to see when I look at it is a knock-off.

  5. Hervé Avatar

    No matter how lovely it looks, it will always a be a Kelly dupe.

    1. Lucie Avatar

      Totally agree

  6. pat Avatar

    I like it. I adore the Kelly bag. Really the only Hermes bag I like.
    I’ll take a Kelly dupe at this point in my life seeing as though realistically I will not likely ever afford a Hermes Kelly.

  7. Natalie Avatar

    I really like it, but $4,200? Some will say “it’s a great price”,but is it really? Or, are we becoming reconditioned to believe that spending $4,200 is reasonable?

    1. pat Avatar

      I’m with you on the price. I had not even scrolled down to see it. That’s just way too much. But Saint Laurent is known to have some of their bags discounted at some point. I’m sure this will be no exception.

  8. Sutton Avatar

    I’m rolling my eyes, clearly Haley Beiber got it for free. And, sorry not sorry, anything worn by her I immediately rule out as out of fashion. She is a major ick and ruins fashion.

  9. Prescilla Avatar

    Kate Moss makes it look expensive, Hailey Beiber makes it look like Forever 21.

  10. mpeb Avatar

    I love how the bag looks on Kate Moss. Doesn’t look sturdy.