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  • missarewa

    my feet hurt just from looking at these. to each their own… u wear them well

  • laura

    They look too big. Maybe buying 1/2 a size bigger made it easier for you to put them on but they definitely look big on you. I would have just bought a different style. Just my opinion.

  • PJGambler

    Having pretty feet is more important than wearing certain shoes. When your toes tell you they hurt, are scrunched together, listen to them-bunions are ugly and misshapen feet come from wearing ill fitting shoes.

  • Yazi

    Every person I have seen wearing this shoe had pain in their leg muscles afterwards, plus the tendons/blood vessels in their feet looked stretched to the limit. Neither the price of the shoe or the extreme discomfort justifies its purchase. It’s merely the illusion of glamour and super femininity that women are buying. A clever marketing strategy.

    A woman is able to look beautiful without breaking any bones. Of course, this is just my opinion and perhaps the shoe’s popularity has already proved me wrong.

    • terri

      you wouldn’t say that if you saw how beautiful they are on your feet. You must 1. be cheap and would never buy them or 2. be a man

  • mai

    I have two pairs of pigalles, but they are the 100mm version. I actually find them relatively comfortable for a pointy toe pump! I can easily wear them to work and be in them for a whole day. And I have wide feet! I also bought my normal size (same that I have for all designer shoes) and it worked well for me. Maybe it’s the 120mm – i find that heel height to be a bit much to be honest. That’s why I haven’t forayed into so kates. I just can’t get into them, even though they are all the rage. To me, I would feel like I am trying too hard, and that’s never a good feeling :).

  • Maria

    I have 100mm Pigalles as well, and I could jog and jump up and down in them. I wear them for work all day and they are very comfortable. Pigalle 120s and So Kates would sit in my closet for the most part because of the comfort factor.

  • They look stunning on you. I agree with the others on the height…ouch! And perhaps a tad too big lengthwise.

  • anon

    Ooooh! Nice review! How has been the wear of the red bottom part of the shoe? I see a lot of reviews where the red part has significantly been ruined.

    • Mya Wilkes

      I don’t think you can get around that one. The red on the bulb of your feet will definitely wear off after some time but i like the fact that the red on the pitch of the shoes is still visible and can never wear because of its location.

      • anon

        True true. I guess there’s no way around the natural wear and tear of a shoe. And all you really need is the sole behind the arch to show anyways.

    • Ana

      Find a reputable cobbler in your neighborhood (or send them to one of the popular ones in major cities, if you prefer) and have them add rubber soles. Then you’ll have red bottoms AND comfier heels. :)

      • anon

        Interesting! I definitely like the sound of that. Thanks!:)

      • C

        The best is if you can find cobblers that stock red rubber soles (just for these babies!). There’s one right where I work that was smart enough to do that, to cater to all these working women in the business district who were worried about their shoes!

    • Katherine Callaghan

      I agree, unfortunately as soon as you start wearing these shoes the red bottom will chip away. I’ve been told from a reputable leather spa here in NYC that it is best to wear your shoes 1-5 times. After these initial wears, it is then best to get them resoled and the reason is because the sole needs to wear away a bit first before they can put a leather or rubber sole on the bottom.

      • anon

        Thanks for letting me know! I guess you just can’t avoid the natural wear and tear of shoes. Louboutins are very much a special occassion/feel shoe:) Oh, how I wish permanent red paint on the bottoms could existX)

      • Katherine Callaghan

        You and me both!

  • Ariss

    Without the red soles and the name on the entry, this pair of shoes look like any other brand. Aldo does affordable versions of this. I don’t understand the hype. *shrugs*

  • Mya Wilkes

    Love your hair and the whole outfit! As for the Pigalles, i couldn’t dare with the 120’s, EVER! I got the Corneille in 100mm, those are doable.

  • Anna

    I have the Pigalle 85 in black patent and OMG – they’re my most comfortable pair of shoes. I never thought I’d say that I can prance, dance, and walk in a pair of Louboutins for hours. Best money I ever dropped on shoes. Don’t think I could do a 120mm though.

  • Very Classy and elegant mens leather shoes.but i think is not comfortable.