The allure behind Rebecca Minkoff bags continues with a sneak peak at the Holiday 2008 collection. We got our hands on some exclusive goods to show you all what is to come from this young, hot designer. Pairing the success of the Morning After with the funky basketweave-like touch, the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini is ready for Holiday in a Navy Luxe Combo. You know why I love this bag? It is the supple deep navy leather paired with the stiff brighter patent leather blue. And while the patent stands out, it is not completely distracting. It is like the perfect little combination of colors that look like blue jeans with a punch.

The size is the same as any Morning After Mini. It does not fit over my shoulder super comfortably, but it looks really cute just dangling around my elbow or hand held. I already have the MAM in Tangerine (which I still am obsessed with). This leather is more luscious than the Tangerine, it is one of the more soft leathers from Rebecca Minkoff. Expect this bag to be delivered around 10/31, just in time for Holiday. Price will be $595. Check Shop Bop for other Rebecca Minkoff bags.

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  • Navy luxe is my fave blue ever! I love the texture of the patent and the color combo. WTG, Rebecca!!!!

  • Steph

    I love the hardware change on the handels! :razz:

    I hope gets this bag, so I can pre-order it asap! :!:

  • wgs

    finally a rebecca minkoff bag that actually looks nice….i think the color has a lot to do with it though.

  • mel_mel1004

    I’m loving the patent combo’s Rebecca is bringing out. It adds this really funkny edge to it and the diamond texture is so cool!

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    STUNNING BAG!!! I am absolutely head over heels…as always RM steals my HEART!

  • Mindy

    Sorry to be the party pooper here but am I the only one who doesn’t like this? I mean don’t get me wrong – I love RM and I happen to own three of her bags. Maybe it’s the picture but the patent basketweave trim looks very PCV-ish to me. I think the royal blue with brown basketweave trim that RM did two years ago is better.

    • I like this version more than the brown with blue basketweave. That combo did not do it for me. But the white/brown basketweave I LOVE and have.

      I can see your point. I really like this bag though, it is a pretty combination in person

  • Cinnie

    I think this looks awful, the blues are just off enough that they clash terrible. The patent looks plastic-y, and the leather looks old and sun-faded. Very disappointing.

  • CHeeky

    :mrgreen: I think its amazing- which is saying alot because i’ve seen the MA in person over and over and i think its ridiculously overrated. This is something I’d actually considering buying- but in a bigger size. That awkward small size that isn’t a clutch or an every day bag does nothing for me.

  • unionville

    I bought a RM bag and I feel it is a little heavier to carry. Anyone has the same feeling?

  • NL

    Not sure if I like this one that much but can’t wait to see what else she has coming up.

  • meatbun

    I bought a MAB and I was quite disappointed. The bag really isn’t mean to be carried over the shoulder…by hand a satchel. It felt funny on the shoulder. I returned it.