After releasing a capsule collection for HSN, Rebecca Minkoff has decided to debut a luxury handbag collection exclusively for Saks Fifth Avenue this May. For its first collection, iconic Rebecca Minkoff bags such as the Nikki and Morning After bag are being refined in lizard skin and other luxe materials. Along with some of her well-known designs, Rebecca Minkoff is introducing new shapes to the line. Some of these include a drawstring bucket bag, oversized classic tote, and a side-saddle messenger bag.

I chose to partner with Saks to launch my collection line because of the timeless luxury and superior quality the store represents,” said Minkoff. “It is an exciting honor to join the list of exclusive luxury handbag designers available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks customers are already familiar with the current Rebecca Minkoff line and have been very supportive over the years. I am hoping to not only provide my existing customers with a more luxurious option, but to also tap into a new set of young Saks shoppers who purchase designer bags for the style and quality, not just the label.

The quality of the leather and materials used is higher end than her typical line. Rebecca is using real gold in the rose gold hardware and picked calfskins and upper-tier materials that someone like Prada would choose she said. The question for most consumers comes into play is would you pay $550 to $2,000 for a designer whose bags are typically under $700. As buyers we are accustomed to a much lower price tag, there can easily be some sticker shock.

My answer is simple to would I splurge on a Rebecca Minkoff Collection Bag, yes, if the bag spoke to me. From the pictures so far my picks go to the luxe Nikki and Lux Clutch. Both are quintessentially Rebecca Minkoff, yet have the special upscale touches that help them stand out without straying too far from the original images.

The growing fan base of Rebecca Minkoff bags is precisely who I am curious to hear from now. What do you think of the Rebecca Minkoff Collection and why?

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  • Jane

    I am happy for her that Saks gave her this chance to use higher end leather, and metal. I wonder if this is the beginning of her doing two lines, the more expensive and her first line of bags that I own and love. I am not a huge fan of these bags at first sight I would have to go to Saks and touch everyone to decide whether I wanted to splurge on one of the bags. I don’t find them too special I actually love her Spring line of bags out right now much more and I know I would purchase one off the internet without every touching it first. I don’t like the belt buckle on the crossbody bags I am not a fan of that shape of buckle. I like the Nikki’s and the MABs, but again not enough too purchase without touching first. The side saddle bag looks like it has booby tassels or a belly button with the cord still attached. I know that is gross, but that is what I see. (fb)

  • Amy

    I LOVE the look of the Lux Clutch!!! I am so into rose gold (i.e. my engagement ring is rose gold and I think it’s amazing). I love the shape of Rebecca Minkoff’s MACs, and this would be a super special version of it. I have a large bag from her that I got about a year ago and is one of my favorite bags – big enough for a work bag, but small enough that I can also wear it on weekends. It’s not a design that she still sells (why not??), but I love it – the leather is great quality, and the details and color (a dark blue) are amazing. I am always eyeing her designs and checking out her website. But if I haven’t felt a strong enough urge to buy the clutch for $300 (and I’ve loved it since I saw it in lime green and in hot pink in the Nordstrom catalogue the first time a long time ago, before I had ever heard of Rebecca Minkoff) I doubt I’m going to decide to spend $550 on this version, even if it is awesome (and obviously different from the MAC). And would the full chain strap even be comfortable to wear?

    • Amy


  • marian t

    i only heard about RM here on PB. the only RM collection i like from above is the Hypno Stud Nikki; nordstorm is having a 33% off the nikki hobo. i might reconsider it as the price is within my budget. (fb)

  • swags

    I like the hypo studded Nicki. I think the detail on the side looks good without going overboard. The others look have a bit too much going on.

  • tadpolenyc

    the leather grade might be higher, but i’m not still not that impressed with the designs or the hw used. the problem is it looks cheaper than her lower priced line.

  • Vanessa

    Haven’t you guys covered this already in an earlier post? These bags don’t impress me. Nothing new in the design stakes and her lower end bags look better although the leather quality isn’t great. Will RM beef up their customer service and quality control for this line and if so, why haven’t they done this already for the legion of “lower end” buyers who have kept her afloat for so long?

    • Stacy

      Amen!! (fb)

      • Loquita

        Amen (x100)!!!

  • 19yearslater

    I like that hypno stud mab mini. If the pink were red I might consider it. With luxe materials these bags may be worth the extra money, but that’s not the only concern here considering the prices before this line.

  • annabelle

    i tend to go for bigger purses, but the pictures might not do justice (i’ll have to feel them just like some of your readers have suggested)

    do like the hypno, lady purse, and side saddle.

    this is just my own opinion but I would love to spend over a grand on purses (esp. with these minkoff purses coming in more luxurious material!!!). comparing the purses that i have, the pricey purses are more durable. the last longer. (fb)

    • annabelle

      “they last longer.” oopsies

  • greenpixie

    Not a fan overall, esp. for the price. The buckle shape especially turns me off…

  • Valentina

    I LOVED the Black Studded Hobo, the texture is amazing! Drooling. (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    so not my style.

  • Pat

    RM did good with this collection, although I can’t afford these right now. Lol. I really like the studs and the hardware on these and that they’re made with rose gold really makes me want to see these IRL. My fave is the Hypno Stud Niki. I understand the higher set prices for the improvements/materials used. (fb)

  • anonymous

    I think we did talk about this before. Her bags were poorly made at $400; I doubt they’ll be any better at $1K+. But if they were, I would never know it because there are too many other bags I would rather buy now.

  • Pamela

    I can’t stand seeing the studs anymore….I’m so disappointed in Rebecca Minkoff for adding more and more studs to her line while the style of studs is getting old as time goes on! (fb)

  • Kayla

    Honestly I love Rebecca Minkoff and her line, I think that her regular line is fairly well priced but this is a tad bit extreme. I also love the studs and the style of her bags but she does need to mix it up but also some of her bags are very classic like the nikki hobo. (fb)

  • hhm2007

    Does anybody knows where those higher end line bags are made?

  • Kate

    I love Minkoff BECAUSE she doesn’t charge 2000 a bag, I had a stud MAB that was like 900 and that’s as high as I would go (fb)

  • covertanjou

    The pink clutch is pretty, but some of the other bags? Too many studs. (fb)

  • Karin bag4bag

    Like the zig zag clutch and the use of rose gold is a nice luxury touch. I would have thought that thes tyles for SAKS would be a lot different. Marc Jacobs line for LV is always very different from his other lines so it surprises me that RM would re do the Nikki etc. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    seen better, seen alot worse (fb)

    • Trae

      I concur!LOL (fb)

  • Marina

    Oh man, where do I start?

    Rebecca should really decide on what she wants to do. First she markets her bags as a “budget” alternative to premium designers and makes bags which are discounted as soon as they hit the stores… then she stops e-stores from doing discounts on new pieces because she doesn’t want people to think of her bags as “cheap”. Yet straight after that, she does a pretty cheap line for HSN herself, and now she’s doing a premium range for Saks? That’s spreading pretty thin and trying to target every single available buyer…. don’t think it’s the best strategy.

    Plus she should really fix her customer service and quality control issues first. There’s a thread on tpf right now about how some of her new bags have embarrassing typos on their tags.

    Not to mention I don’t think she’ll find much of a market for her Saks range. Apparently the most expensive pieces from this range are either $1000 or $2000. Even if the lizard embossed Nikki is $1000, that’s way too much to pay for an embossed bag from a mid-range designer!

    I’m not a fan of the designs in general, the only bags I like are the Nikkis. There’s too much bling! It’s as if she’s trying to justify the price by putting as much gold onto the bags as she can. Quality oover quantity, Rebecca! I don’t see how this range can appeal to anyone who likes “style and quality”.

    • Andrea

      I totally agree with everything you said. Rebecca’s regular line is perfectly fine, and I love it. But, this one for Saks looks tacky and even with all the higher quality materials, the design isn’t so great. I think the studs are too big on these bags, that’s why it doesen’t look as nice as others


  • Tina

    I’m over Rebecca Minkoff. I loved her bags and I used to own quite a few, but sold them. (fb)

  • Nicole

    I am surprised no one has asked where these bags will be made??? I have an original bag before they were made in china. And I must say I think the quality is 100 times better then her bags out now that are all china made. Would I spend 2000 on a RM made in china HELL NO!!!! (fb)

  • Rashida

    I think the hobo bag is nice. I don’t know if I would spend 2000 for one… Not really a fan of her anyhow, but at least she is doing two collections, one for the more mainstream and another for the high end… fb

  • Julie Stam

    Not a huge fan. They don’t look worth the price to me. I would need to see them in person. (fb)

  • Terrie

    I have to agree with Julie… I am not a huge fan.

  • Larie

    I love her regular line but I agree that a lot of the hardware details on these bags look a bit tacky. I hate the buckle on the MAC and lady purse (so 80’s western!) but I do like the look of the Nikki and zig zag clutch.
    I think there would have to be a really obvious difference in quality to make people spend this much more for these bags. Otherwise there’s just not enough difference between these and her regular line to justify the price.

  • Lianne

    I love the Mab Mini (since I prefer very structured bags). I just wish that it was in more colours than just black, white, and pink. (fb)

  • Roxanna

    Truth be told, I like her lesser priced items better. All of these have too much going on. (fb)

  • Marsha

    not my style……… at all……….(f/b)

  • Maryann

    I do not like these at all. I would rather buy a regular MAB without all of the garish studs. The messenger bag is hideous with oversized hardware and way too much going on. Sorry RM, but I’ll be loving your classics before I love these. (fb)

  • mika

    i want the hobo! (fb)

  • s3rndpt

    I really like the re-envisioning in the lizard skin. It gives the bags an extra bit of understated oomph. Not liking all the studs, however. (fb)

  • Paulina

    Yes, please just take things from your normal line and add shiny things to them and use “better leather” and add another zero to each of your bag. (fb)

  • Lisa

    For me, if I’m going to spend that kind of money on a bag, it needs to be a classic that I could use forever. These are too trendy for the price tag, IMO. I’ll be interested to see how this line sells, but I won’t be buying. It seems like she’s taking a gamble to see how popular her brand is. (fb)

  • Carol

    I like RM, but the hobo looks like a Coach bag. (fb)

  • WineDIneTv

    Love it! Two of each please…

  • Leslie

    To me it just looks like she took her current designs, added more bling, changed the leather and then doubled the price. Its not “wow”ing me. It would have made more sense to me if she wanted to start a higher priced line that she made styles exclusive to it, this just seems like she is trying to take the easy way to make more money. Pass.


  • Savannah

    I think i’ll stick to her original line. The gold hardware over powers the bags. (fb)

  • Lizzie

    The bags are cute, but they arent that much different from her regular line

  • Debbie C

    The hobo is the only one that I really like and there are similar bags from other designers, so I could probably get the same silhouette for cheaper. (fb)

  • hoofbeats95

    I love RM! :) I really want a Nikki. (fb)

  • Tammie

    They Nikki bag is fabulous! Just the right size for all of my “handbag junk”! (fb)

  • Whitney

    I LOVE the studded MAB! That pink and black may just have to be mine :) (fb)

  • Manda

    I’m new to RM and love her regularly priced line, but to charge that much more for the same shapes with a few extra details and luxe materials isn’t really my thing. Pricier materials will drive up the cost (duh), but the Saks line doesn’t strike me as super special at the price point. I can think of others I’d rather have. (fb)

  • kim

    I don’t like this. Her base customer is not going to spend this kind of money for her bags

  • Joy

    The ones to the bottom are pretttttttttty nice I would sayy :P

  • Joyoflife

    They already look dated. Someone needs to remind RM that elegance is refusal.

  • Judy

    Was hoping yo love the side saddle but too much going on.(fb)

  • faith24

    black studded bag looks quite cute. but i was expecting some new designs for an exclusive collection (fb)

  • Bridgette

    Very disappointing to see the exact same shapes just done up with even more studs (which I didn’t think was possible for RM).I agree with alot of the comments, her base customer has no interest in spending that much money and people that have that much disposable income have better taste than that. Definitely looks like RM is taking a bet that she is that popular.

  • Jacqueline

    I personally have never considered getting RM…but she does design interesting shapes and I like her leathers. The studs were over done…but I really like it on the luxe clutch (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    On second thought…I love the Lady Purse!! Looks great upclose (fb)

  • Denise

    These are ok. Nothing to get excited about (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    I don’t really like anything in Rebecca’s Saks collection. (fb)

  • Lili

    Seems overworked, too much going on.

  • Lulugurl

    They are beautiful bags and the leather is probably gorgeous, but for the difference in price, I prefer her usual line!

    I also don’t care for the round hardware on the MAB bags, I have one with square hardware and like it so much better.