Is it fair to say the new year is already in full swing? Yep, 2020 has wasted no time! I don’t know about you, but I’m in desperate need of a vacation after this past holiday season. Obligations and responsibilities have quickly resumed, and I feel busier than ever – so busy, I almost forgot to set a few handbag goals for myself this year.

As a writer for PurseBlog, I’m constantly on the search for new and inventive trends, while also examining classics and signatures. We’re living in an interesting time for designer goods, specifically bags. With the growing popularity of indie brands and the rise of second-hand and consignment, luxury handbags are more accessible now than ever before. Sure, there are designers out there that have gotten increasingly expensive. However, today’s fashion landscape allows consumers to find alternative means of shopping for bags that were once seemingly unattainable.

No need to put your name on a waiting list for a Birkin, or spend $5,000 inside a Chanel boutique. Large- and small-scale consignment companies, from the RealReal and Fashionphile to Ann’s Fabulous Finds and beyond, have created serious inclusivity in the world of buying and enjoying designer goods – and that’s something that excites me for not just 2020, but also looking toward the next five to 10 years.

That brings me to my 2020 handbag goals: I’ve spent the last few years building my collection, purchasing signatures such as the Prada Galleria and the Classic Chanel Flap. (I bought it consigned!) Now, I’m looking to add more unique pieces to my roster. I’m not as concerned with purchasing the most ‘popular’ or beloved bags. I want to find styles that speak to me – bags that not only elevate outfits but also turn into companions, easy enough to carry from day to night and errand to errand. I also want to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of each purchase I make. These bags don’t come cheap, after all.

In addition, I want to be more mindful in terms of how much I’m spending. Truthfully, I think I’ve become a bit numb to the cost of handbags. I used to think $1,500 was a lot, and now I sometimes find myself glancing at a $3,000 or even $4,000 bag and think “Wow, what a deal!” Yeah, definitely not – unless we’re talking about a Birkin, which is practically impossible.

Related to spending, I’m also going to limit my purchasing to consigned and second-hand pieces. Of course, there will probably be exceptions to this rule, but I do want to put an end to buying every single piece new and from a boutique.

Do you have any handbag goals for 2020? Are you maybe looking to save more or try out consignment for the first time? How about sell some of your bags to purchase a couple of new ones? Or, maybe you’re toying with the idea of purchasing a holy grail-type item, such as a Birkin or a Kelly? Please do share! I’d love to know and compare notes.

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