There is such a drastic love-hate relationship when it comes to our readers and Kim Kardashian. In fact, it is more of a love-to-hate relationship. So many people find how she conducts herself appalling, but they are still glued to their TVs watching her shows and picking up the latest gossip mags about the demise of her marriage and her jean size. It’s the Kardashian Paradox, if you will.

Personally, I am one of those people who enjoys watching reality TV. Might as well admit the truth, and that is the truth. I adore Khloe and find many of the plot lines funny in the Kardashian world. Kimmy has been laying low after her short marriage to Kris Humphries, but recently she has started showing her face a bit more. Kim left Los Angeles to head to Paris for fashion week, but instead of the shows, her first stop was the Hermes store. Kim ran in with her black Birkin and ran out with her bag and another one in a big orange box. We all know Kim has been going a little krazy with her Hermes purchases, and all I really want to know is, what’s in the orange bag, Kim?

Time to place your bag bets: What new bag does Kim Kardashian have in her orange Hermes shopping bag?

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  • Marie Martell

    I LOVE to HATE her also, but I can’t help myself from seeing what and who she’s wearing, what crazy expensive handbag she’s carrying and what guy she might be sleeping with! lol You would think with all the controversy with her X , her clothes being made in sweat shops, etc she wouldn’t be doing anything… but That’s Kim Kardashian for you.. She needs attention!

  • mlle p

    Can’t stand any of the Airbrushians, but if I had the money (and plenty of bags already) I would go for the new all-cashmere H blanket.

  • 19yearslater

    I’m guessing . . . a Birkin. My knowledge of the Kardashians comes pretty much from this blog so the #1 thing I know about her is that she’s nearly as obsessed as Posh.

  • gpc

    We truly should pity her.  She has a sickness to be so addicted to material possessions.

  • Cruelladevill

    giant Birkin

  • Sue2m

    I say a light colored birkin, for summer.

  • Alan1234432

    Character is much easier kept than recovered.

  • Poppy Jockeyxyxxxx

    She not bought la!! She got!! Got it free…..lucky Star la kim KKKKKK

  • camilla

    Considered how much she loves to be followed, photographed you do not have to wait for long time before seeing her new birkin…just close your eyes and in a second here she is again and again and again…

  • Amanda

    I just hope it’s not used as a gym or beach bag. 

  • MsLabelsOfLust

    smh..She needs some Bosley at the front there. The woman made herself famous off of a sextape and I totally agree with all that Jon Hamm said about her and the Hilton one. I also don’t buy anything they endorse or sell. There line for Sears is a complete ripoff of some of the famous luxe brands and lesser known ones…

  • Kdlfas

    Haters. JEalous much?