Since we start #pursechat last month (join us every Tuesday on Twitter, 2 p.m., use the hashtag!), we’ve gotten a chance to ask and answer questions with you guys in a way that’s gotten us thinking about a lot of fashion-related topics in new ways. A couple of weeks ago, we asked our followers whether they’d rather have one $2,000 bag or four $500 bags, and that sparked quite the discussion.

The question is one of quality versus quantity, but only to a degree. $500 bags are still quite nice, and depending on the brands in question, might be almost as nice something much more expensive. On the other hand, if you choose well, a $2,000 bag will far outpace the quality and finish of anything you’ll find at a far reduced price point.

Personally, I’d opt for one high-priced bag that I absolutely love. I hate switching my bags and rarely do it more than once every few weeks (and generally far less often than that), so I’m more likely to get my money’s worth in a $2,000 purchase if the yield is only one bag. If you’re a person who prefers to coordinate outfits and bags closely, though, I can see why you might choose the second option for its flexibility.

So, if you have $2,000 to spend (and in this mythical universe I’ve created for the purposes of this question, you can only spend it on bags), how do you do it? One $2,000 bag, two $1,000 bags, four $500 bags or something else? Would any of you try to bargain-hound your way into a new bag wardrobe for $250 each?

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