Take a look at this bag and guess how much you think it costs before you click to find out the answer.

I stumbled upon this bag while checking out the new bag at Net-A-Porter and felt a little squeal of excitement inside of me. This bag is not true lizard skin, but lizard effect leather, that even upon a zoomed-in view looks really nice.

I like the minimalistic appearance of the piece while not being entirely boring. A long strap makes this easy to put over your shoulder or wear cross-body. The gray-green-taupe coloring works well for the lizard effect pattern.

Do you wonder who makes this bag? It is MICHAEL Michael Kors. And the price is surprisingly reasonable, find out via Net-A-Porter how little you need to dash out for a genuine leather bag that looks really fashion-forward.

Were you as surprised as I about the price of the MICHAEL Michael Kors Lizard-Effect Leather Saddle Bag?

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  • Jackie

    The lizard finish is exquisite! When questions like this one are asked the answer is usually at either of the extremes. I was thinking that the price tag for this baby of a bag would be at the more extreme end of the spectrum but boy was I wrong! I don’t particularly like the shape of the the bag but I like that the brand is not as easily identifiable on this bag as it is on the other MMK bags! And the clasp isn’t easily identifiable either (another plus). I prefer gold or brass metals on most bags but the soft silver on this baby is perfect! (Unlike the other MMK bags with the harsh silver detail). I didn’t think I could like any MMK bags because all the ones I saw were so obvious with the “MK” in the circle in the silver (bleh!) finish, but this one bag shares basically no similarities with the rest of that crew.

    • Exactly how I feel about it too!! I am really really really pleasantly surprised by it!!

      • Jackie

        Yes, and every time I look at it I’m blown away all over again! I’m reconsidering MMK bags which I never paid attention to due to the logo but now that it’s hit me that they are removable, I can appreciate the beauty of the handbag!

  • Bls

    IDK if it’s me or the iPad but I can’t see a price. Do you have a direct link, name…

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Ok, at a glance I thought this was real lizard and I guessed the price had a lot more zeros. Great offering, I would not have guessed it as a MMK bag either. Gorgeous lizard effect.

  • kelly

    ummm must be sold out by now, as i cannot locate the bag…:-( really pretty bag!

  • bindc

    At first, I said $2000 but then you wrote that it wasn’t real lizard. Then when I read it was a MK, I guessed $300. I was pretty close to the $270 on NAP.

    Super cute bag. Love it.

  • Chels K

    Heh. It cost about what I thought it would cost. Of course, the giveaway was that Megs said it was reasonable.

  • Pixiejenna

    I LOVE how these feel! Once you touch it you can’t stop.

  • mochababe73

    I was thinking in the $500 range. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a Michael Michael Kors bag because I own so many of them. His bags are beautiful.
    And to Jackie, that MK symbol is removable. They even sell them separately on eBay.

    • Jackie

      LOL do they really?! I realized after this post that a lot of the MMK bags look great — without the the logo, of course, and that’s when I also realized that they are actually removable. Whenever I would see the bags at department stores in person my first reaction was to just ignore it so it just never even got to the point where it even crossed my mind that it was possible to detach the logo. But wow I can’t believe they are sold on ebay… what the — who… ? Why?!!!

  • Demi

    It’s very reasonably priced but, infortunately I don’t like it – though I usually love MK’s wearable designs.

    • Demi

      I meant Unfortunately!

  • MollysMom

    I have a couple of Michael Michal Kors bags and they are great for every day use. They have a lot of nice features inside,i.e tons of pockets for the smart phone, ipod, clips for keys, etc. and they hold up really well. I don’t care for the MK circle emblem, but they are on a hang tag that is easily removable.

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  • Kathryn

    well its all sold out now. no surprise there as it was going for 108 during the NAP sale

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