I think of myself as something of a maximalist; the outfits I like the best are often the outfits in which nothing matches and everything stands out on its own. That’s also a quick way to look like a complete crackhead, but hey, I bought foot-long neon pink feather earrings yesterday. I got over any self-consciousness or fear of looking silly a long time ago.

Predictably, I am not a shoe-to-purse matcher. Not even close. What’s more, the practice of matching all of your accessories to each other strikes me as something that the retail industry cooked up a long time ago as a way to sell more stuff to a single customer. But what about you? My sense of style is hardly monolithic or “correct” in any way. Do you take a more positive approach to matching? Have you ever bought shoes because they were made to match your new bag?

If you like blue suede and matching accessories, the Alexander McQueen Chanter Studded Hobo and Alexander McQueen Skull Platform Pumps might be your speed. You can get them both, for $3150 and $1195 respectively, via Neiman Marcus.

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  • Amy

    I don’t match them, but I do consider how they will go together. Lately, I’ve been less concerned over wearing a black bag with brown shoes, but sometimes I feel that it looks strange. Kind of like when my belt buckle is silver and my jewelry is gold. Does that look weird? I’m doing that today, but I always wonder.

    When I wear colors other than the basics (brown, black) I don’t care if they match – IMO white can go with any accessories, as can red, green, pink, yellow, etc.

    • Seejayluvsbags

      I’ve also struggled with the whole belt buckle matching/coordinating my jewelry. I guess whatever makes one feel most comfortable.

  • mochababe73

    I don’t match them on a daily basis, but I do like the look. I find it to be a polished look.
    I just don’t think that my husband would appreciate another reason for me to buy more shoes to match my handbags.

  • Seejayluvsbags

    I’ve tried to get away from that styling sense a long time ago but find myself “coordinating” still. Matchy-matchy reminds me of my grade school teachers who also matched makeup to an outfit.

  • fuchsiafury

    The ol’ classroom rule that “only one voice should be heard at a time” could be applied to fashion. Choose one of the three – outfit, bag, shoes – to be in a standout hue. However, if we’re talking about prints (polka dot, stripes, plaid, paisely, floral), then matching hues is essential!

  • rose60610

    As I age, I buy far fewer things but of much higher quality. As a result, I make a concerted effort to coordinate what I have. I can appreciate non-coordinated pairings on others, but it isn’t for me.

  • Ms M

    It depends. I used to be very matchy matchy but not anymore. I agree with Amy that I now consider how they go together. Having said that seeing those blue suede shoes and purse make me rethink the matchy matchy concept. LOL

  • susannie

    Do they even match..? IMO nothing is worse than items that ALMOST match, but are clearly in different hues.

    • They’re not exactly the same shade, but they’re from the same collection and have the same trim. They struck me as the kind of thing that would really turn me off if worn together in an attempt to match.

    • AstaK.

      Yes that is HORRIBLE!!!!! Better something totally not than that.
      The first thing in my mind about those blue McQueens was that they dont look prep together but just trying.
      I usually match and then do something different with other accessories.
      I like when they totally dont match whith little black dress keeping it together.
      This was just my own way, I think some persons look groovyyy and gravyyy wiht totally punked:))

  • babe

    used to do that – in the late 80´s

  • 19yearslater

    Occasionally. Usually by accident. May I say, though, that I would SO match for this gorgeous set.

  • Sandra Rowley


  • Brynn

    I ALWAYS coordinate by bag to my shoes and my jewelry…and even my sunglasses. However, I must admit that I wear very neutral colors (e.g. black, gray, and white) so it’s a very easy task. I’m very OCD and traditional about these things, as I still follow “no white after labor day.”

    • Irra

      Same here. I still do that. And yes, you won’t go wrong with neutral colors.

  • starqueen_78

    Im a matchy matcher – I love it – I have so many coloured shoes……….. I recently bought fluro pink wedges and HAD to have a matching clutch……… and ended up with a jimmy choo one that cost 10 times what the shoes did!

  • neesa

    it dpends,if i wanna match it will b like black patent leather heels with black leather but i lurve to match my heels to my pants or skirt,supposedly can elongate petite frame

  • shallowgal

    I hate matchy matchy. It just seems really dated to me now ~ I don’t give it a thought anymore.
    Well… maybe watchbands? I’ve been doing that lately and I can’t tell if I like that tendency in myself or not.

  • lchua

    I like matching my shoes & bag (especially if they’re in neutral tones). But if my shoes & purse match, I always wear a different colour outfit just so I don’t wear the same tone head to toe.

  • tadpolenyc

    i will coordinate, but never match. never.

  • Shopping Lady

    I tend to coordinate shoes with outfit, less mindful about shoes and purse. Although most of my shoes are the basic colors, so they tend to go well.

  • Marion

    I never coordinate my shoes and purse. I do always think about how they go together though…I think not matching adds something a little more interesting to an outfit

  • sylvia

    I like the bright color. It is very important to match handbags with shoes, I think. My blog; http://www.handbagstake.com

  • Mariah

    I don’t do it often but I actually like doing it because nowadays you don’t see many people matching their bags and shoes (at least in Eastern Europe, where I’m from). What I can’t understand is people wearing one colour head to toe in an attempt to be matchy.

  • dierregi

    For me matching is a way to simplify life, while at the same time trying to be stylish. Clashing outfits and colors are disturbing, so I try to use a maximum of three shades and when shoes and bag match is one less clashing problem – although I admit I do not do it all the time, but I’d like to do it more often, exactly because nowadays almost nobody does it. It makes one stand out from a boring crowd of messy-looking women :-)

  • vee

    nope, i definitely dont match my shoes to my handbag.. ew.
    i dont really purposely match anything ( i do have ALOT of gray and black though so sometimes it happens). That it childish to me. You should coordinate, not match.

  • Alexandra Davidoff