I think of myself as something of a maximalist; the outfits I like the best are often the outfits in which nothing matches and everything stands out on its own. That’s also a quick way to look like a complete crackhead, but hey, I bought foot-long neon pink feather earrings yesterday. I got over any self-consciousness or fear of looking silly a long time ago.

Predictably, I am not a shoe-to-purse matcher. Not even close. What’s more, the practice of matching all of your accessories to each other strikes me as something that the retail industry cooked up a long time ago as a way to sell more stuff to a single customer. But what about you? My sense of style is hardly monolithic or “correct” in any way. Do you take a more positive approach to matching? Have you ever bought shoes because they were made to match your new bag?

If you like blue suede and matching accessories, the Alexander McQueen Chanter Studded Hobo and Alexander McQueen Skull Platform Pumps might be your speed. You can get them both, for $3150 and $1195 respectively, via Neiman Marcus.

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