Like every community, our PurseForum has developed its own language over the years. For instance, SA is universal code for “sales associate” when sharing shopping intel or swapping purchase stories. A RAOK is a random act of kindness, where members send each other little treats and gifts. Maybe most important, though, is the HG: our members’ abbreviation for Holy Grail, which is the One True Bag for You. Some members have captured their HGs, but for others, they’re a far-off fantasy. Either way, it’s good to have goals.

Fantasy is an essential part of fashion’s allure, and everyone’s ideal aesthetic version of themselves is a little bit different. Some of our HG-hunters scour eBay for a long-discontinued color or leather, even if the bag itself is not all that rare or expensive. For others, an HG is a bag that’s far outside their current budget, but maybe with some hustle and a few good bonuses, it can be theirs down the road. No matter what place an HG holds in your fantasy closet, though, odds are you have one in mind, even if you’re not actively searching or saving.

I’m neither saving nor searching, but for the past year or so, the ideal bag on my mind has been an all-black Chanel Classic Flap Bag of some sort. I’m open to either traditional diamond quilting or the more recent chevron version, but the most important thing to me is that the bag have both black leather and black hardware. The Classic Flap has always felt a bit too formal for my very casual personal style, but the color-matching hardware helps to give it a more youthful, slightly goth edge, which suits me just fine. Owning this bag is not in my immediate future, but: one day.

So now we want to hear from you: which bag is your current most-coveted and why?

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  • Jamie

    (Dreamy look) Hermes Constance Bag

    • Oh ya, it’s on my list too!

    • dela


    • kathyjazz

      Absolutely the Hermes Constance!

  • Hermes Kelly 28, which I was able to purchase recently ? It’s the perfect size and has high status like the Birkin; but unlike the Birkin, it can be worn on the shoulder.

  • Sandy

    I have other Chanel bags but the only classic flap I own is small. I am looking for and plan to purchase a Jumbo Classic Flap, black, probably quilted, black or ruthenium hardware (silver would work). When you do not live in a city with Chanel boutiques it is more difficult to obtain a classic, they will not ship them. I am forced to try and find one while on vacation and this is difficult. I will keep looking and eventually I will be at the right Chanel boutique at the right time and find my HG bag.


    Thank you for starting this thread Amanda. I knew you would :)

    Well my HG bag that I’d love to add to my collection is a Medium Chanel boy bag in either black or Navy. But i’m not hunting or scouring any place for it yet. However my current obsession is the Miu Miu Dahlia bag that I’m desperately waiting to be released in either the tan or brown color (the same one that Emily Ratatowski and gigi hadid were carrying) or the Yellow version of it that the model Taylor Hill was carrying. It looks very edgy chic and functional!

  • cindyo

    My Holy Grail is a Chanel Boy Bag. Still not sure about the color, not black because I already have a beautiful Fendi 2jours in Black and I don’t want to have to choose. I’m think a blue color or a purple. Must have the silver hardware or the iridescent.

  • bagloverny

    My HG for the longest time was also a Chanel boy bag. I was lucky enough to purchase it last year in the old medium size, dark blue lambskin with gold hw. It’s a stunning bag.

    Now, I guess my HG would be a Hermes Kelly, etain togo with gold hw. But I am not getting that anytime soon, if ever. ;)

    Realistically the next bag that I really want is a Celine Box! Red or black box calf with gold hw.

  • JH

    My HG is a Chanel Reissue (2.55 Flap Bag). Before that it was the Chanel Boy Bag but I bought one in 2014 that I adore. Come to think of it my HG may be a second Boy Bag.

    • Yoshi1296

      My holy grail is a second boy bag too! I am dying to get one in the small size in black caviar (or lambskin) leather with the ruthenium hardware. I just think that getting a small classic boy is a good idea since my first boy was a seasonal Chevron one in the new medium size.

  • Adi Ouano

    A fendi monster peekaboo. Been dreaming of it since i was 17. Still way out of budget. Taxes here are insane

  • dela

    I used to have a HG list. As I get older, the desire to own them (except Hermes Constance) has greatly diminished.

    • Sara

      Me too. Mine was Chanel flap reissue. I looked at one last month with intention of buying but I was so disappointed in the quality. The leather was dry and stiff, the hardware was awful. I was heart broken. My new HG is a Bottega. I won’t say no to Constance either.

    • fudgeicecream

      Hermes Constance is mine too.

  • Brooke Resnick

    So I have a brand new HG. It was the Valentino Rockstud bag in pink. I bought it and ended up returning it. There was just something about it I didn’t love.
    So my newest HG is the Chanel Vanity case from the Spring 2016 collection in light pink with the light gold hardware. I’m currently trying to find it at a store but none are near me so it’s proving to be difficult!

  • FashionableLena

    Hermes Lindy in pink. I think it’s a cool shape and silhouette.

    • StargazerSpider

      Yes, I love the Lindy! So glad to see it suggested here ^_^ I remember when I first saw it, how odd I thought it was — and I was very bleck over it. But then, the more I saw it, the more it grew on me; it’s such a unique bag that is also understated and that doesn’t immediately attract attention (a la Chanel classic, a Birkin, Kelly, etc). And a pink one would be divine! Hope you get your hands on your HG bag some day! :)

      • Lisa

        Lindy 28 was one of my maybe-HG bags and I finally got one in red last month. The bag always looks a bit odd in photos but in person it is wonderfully user-friendly and really cute/cool. I also love that it doesn’t scream Hermès the way a Birkin or Kelly does. Hope you get one soon!

  • Kate

    Hermes Kelly Sellier 32. My husband is making partner in the Fall, so 2017 is definitely the year.

    • Theresa

      I hope they will sell you one my husband made partner 8 years ago and I have been to Hermes stores in Paris,New York, Chicago, Seattle and they won’t sell me one or find one in another store I just don’t get it. In New York there were several clients in special rooms looking at Kelly’s and Birkins but the associates would not show me any even when I asked. Good luck!!

      • Immodest Goddess

        What?! This is absurd.

      • Crystal Scott Carroll

        Its not absurd at all, Hermes associates are VERY snobby to who they sell their bags to. Sadly
        also you often need to start with buying other items then they offer bags.

      • Immodest Goddess

        I’m accustomed to “I have the money for this and I want to buy it.” “Very good, ma’am. Cash or credit?” I’ve never encountered this in Hermes but then again, I don’t have a Birkin. It’s turned me off completely but thank you for answering me.

      • Holly Stanton

        Just curious…what do you look like and what did the clients look like?

      • theresa

        It was only in New York that I noticed the private rooms (it was last year I was there on a business trip) the clients I saw were teenagers dressed in jeans and an older lady 70ish casually dressed. I look like Mary Louise Parker’s twin.:) I am often mistaken for her but I don’t think it should really matter. I was dressed casually as well.

      • Holly Stanton

        No it shouldn’t matter. I just heard that sometimes places like that discriminate if you aren’t dressed “appropriately” or don’t look like you are of “money”.

      • Kate

        We have a close friend who is an Hermes VIP. He just walks in and tells them he wants a Birkin, and it’s done. He has ordered a Kelly and a couple of Birkins for other friends, who just reimburse him for the purchase. We were having lunch with him recently, and I mentioned that I wanted a Kelly, and he offered to call the manager of the store he deals with. He did so on the spot, and she assured him they would have the bag to his specifications as soon as he’s ready to purchase. Needless to say, his wife has an amazing collection.

      • theresa

        Its always great to have connections thats wonderful!!

      • ButDoctorIHatePink

        There is a book called “Bringing g Home the Birkin” that is all about this: how the SAs don’t sell them to just anybody who walks in. The guy couldn’t get one and went on the hunt to figure out how. It’s a quick read and quite amusing. According to him, the trick to buying a Birkin or Kelly when you aren’t “known” is to buy a couple other things first. Get a scarf and bracelet and as you are checking out, ask if they have any Birkins. It worked for the guy in the book in every Hermes store he went to.

        Good luck on your hunt! There are always the pre-loved ones if you find his method doesn’t work. :)

      • theresa

        Yes I have actually read the book and it is a fun read and he is a very engaging and entertaining writer. I do have several scarves I have purchased over the years (my husband loves the ties so those are a go to as well). I do have a the jypsiere bag which is great with the kids in tow. No worries I just assume it was not meant to be. :)

  • Ellie

    My dream bag is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Ukita in grey. Would love a Lv speedy, but it would have to be used because I only like them when they look well loved.

  • Yoshi1296

    Small Chanel Boy bag in black with the ruthenium hardware!

  • shakishaki

    Easy. The Chanel Boy in old medium green with the iridescent hardware. They’re so overpriced in the resale market (which I’m afraid will be my only choice) but to me that bag, is love.

  • Ivy

    I’ve only ever truly loved 4 bags in the past 10 years: Proenza Schould PS1, Givenchy Nightingale (old version), Alexander Wang Rocco, and Givenchy Antigona. I’ve had my limited edition Antigona for 4 years, Rockie for a year, and I recently acquired a suede PS1. The only thing that’s left is the Nightingale, but I prefer new bags over pre-loved, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to add it to my collection. I guess my ultimate HG would be the Chanel Classic Flap in Extra Mini or Mini Rectangular.

    • Sara

      I love and own a Rocco. Never get sick of it and it always turns heads.

  • StargazerSpider

    I have two HGs at the moment! An Hermes Constance and an Hermes Lindy. Honestly, at this stage in my life, I would prefer either of these more than a Birkin (currently do not own any Hermes, so to have one of these as my first would be great!).

    As for current IT bags, I really really want a Gucci Dionysus at the moment, but the difficult part is narrowing it down to a single one! Gucci has been on fire these past several seasons, and I am in love with so many of the different styles!

  • Maya

    Used to be the Chanel Boy bag but I got tired of their price increase every two months for…well…no reason whatsoever other than “we can, you’ll buy it anyway” and let’s face it, they’re just bags in the end so 5K…no, my new target is the Mark Cross Grace Large bag in black, which is as much as I will pay for a bag…

    • BabyDietrich

      I was at Barney’s the other day, and the bag that got my attention the most was Mark Cross multi-color python bag. He seems to do excellent work with exotics. I must look into him more.

      • Maya

        I really love what he does!!

    • Immodest Goddess

      Same here. I’ve wanted a Chanel boy for a while but every time I had the money to buy and I went into Chanel…I never felt the overwhelming excitement I’ve felt making other coveted bag purchases in the past and I paused purchasing. Now, I’m becoming increasingly turned off by the price increase so I wonder if I’ll ever end up with one. And that doesn’t really bother me anymore.

    • Agreed. The prices on those bags are just insane… every few months , bam it goes up! I guess if you really want to get the bag, its time to pull the trigger. My balenciaga has gone up nearly $600-$700 in just 3 years :|


  • tousle

    proeza schouler medium ps1 in dark chocolate brown. i hope this color will be available again on their website this fall.

  • My heart still yearns for a Bottega Veneta Cabat. And a Celine Box.

  • BabyDietrich

    Croc Kelly 28 in Vert Fonce. I’ll take Vert Emeralde in a pinch too…

  • Ama O

    celine belt bag, very classic and understated

  • Hermes Kelly Sellier 28. Once i’m done with my current project, I’m picking it up.

  • Lisa

    I’ve been upgrading my collection for a few years so I’ve ticked off many on my HG list. But I wouldn’t say no to a second Bolide 31 — the more I use the one I have, the more I love this classic, understated but fabulous Hermès classic.

    I’d love the Constance and Evelyne if it weren’t for the big H; to me the Birkin is way too overexposed and like wearing a price tag on your wrist, and the Kelly– though beautiful — feels a little too 50’s/conservative outside of a business setting. Isn’t it lucky we all want different things? :-)

    • Kathleen Thomas

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    • MamaK279

      Thumbs up! I just got the larger Hermes Berline and I love it!

  • Tinsley Proust

    Hermès Kelly 32, black, box calf, GHW

    • M

      I thought this was my HG too, the exactly same bag. Kelly 32, black box with ghe. I got it 6 months ago. I have carried it only once. It looks and feels beautiful but I can’t carry it to work nor with my little children, it is too big for evening use. The only times I could use the bag is when I “lunch with the ladies”. And then I have other bags too which I end up choosing. I love my Givenchy Antigona and Nightingale bags. They were love at first sight and I use them all the time.

      • Tinsley Proust

        I’m not going to have kids for quite a while, so I guess it’ll be a bag I can enjoy while I’m young then pass down to my daughter eventually. I have a canvas strap for my Evelyne that I’m planning to use with the Kelly to make it more casual.

      • Kate

        That’s a lovely idea. I recently had a baby boy, who will unfortunately (for medical reasons) be my one and only. I plan to hand down my Chanel bags and my Kelly (which I shall soon acquire!) to his future wife and/or daughter(s). If he doesn’t get married, my niece will be inheriting them.

      • Tinsley Proust

        I plan to do the same:)

    • ellavanw

      Same! I have a cobalt Kelly and I love it but the BBK is my holy grail.

  • Jessica

    I’m so lucky to have gotten my ultimate HG bag this year! My Celine stingray box. That was a big one for me. Here’s what’s left on my list!
    Chanel boy small caviar black SHW
    Chanel so black chevron jumbo
    Hermes Kelly 35/40 black SHW
    Hermes Black Birkin 35/40 SHW
    Black Birkin so black

  • Imgoingbroke

    Got my “Holy Grail” bag a couple of months ago. Chanel Limited Edition “Oh My Boy” Graffiti Bag. It’s so bitchen!

  • Manolos21

    Mine was the Hermes Constance. I knew I’d never fork out the money to buy it at retail cost, but I was lucky enough to score one on consignment for about HALF OFF retail!!

  • Gina Azarella

    I love! I saw some similar in @bandchandbags Instagram

  • Vbogaert

    Celine box bag which I have in black but I want in every color!

  • B.S.

    A black Togo leather Birkin with gold hardware would be my ultimate HG but that is most likely a long way off. My more attainable HG is a black medium Chanel Classic Flap.

  • Lisa

    My ultimate HG bag is the one at the top of this article; the M/L so black chevron Classic Flap. In my eyes, it’s the most beautiful, edgy and elegant bag ever made. After I got it my obsession with bags even calmed down a little (though I did get a matte croc-embossed SDJ and BV Knot after) and I think I’m moving on to jewelry. This bag just made my collection feel complete, and I’m still as much in love with it as when I first got it.

  • Christy

    After loving and collecting Céline bags (gromette, cabas, edge, and box) I think I’m ready to take the plunge in to Hermés. Starting with a kelly pochette :)

  • Camilla

    I want to buy my first Chanel bag, but I’m torn between the classic one and a so black. I was able to track down the all black version but I dream about one with ghw. Any thoughts?

  • I almost gave in and bought Chanel So Black in chevron from a reseller. But no, too much money. But I effing love that bag.

  • I almost gave in and bought Chanel So Black in chevron from a reseller. But no, too much money. But I effing love that bag.

  • Jennifer

    The Chanel Classic Flap bag – I actually had a dream about buying one recently!

    • Rick Cooley

      Those bags are to DIE FOR!

  • Guilly

    I agree with you completely. I have the bag pictured above. There is also a 2.55 that’s all black hardware and no ‘CC”. Really nice.

    • MamaK279

      I agree. I’m not a fan of too many (or large) logos.

  • Parvin Ghobadzadeh

    Chanel Flap bag in Black. It will outlive you. ( No matter how long you live. Lol. ) .

    • Jab Marta

      Agree with that :)

  • MamaK279

    The Hermes Bolide
    Secret in grey. Price is $9,950. Can you adopt me and get me one please? Thanks!

  • mdenisea16

    Chanel 2.55

    • Jab Marta

      I agree :)

  • Julie Semple Stam

    Givenchy Antigona and a Celine Luggage Tote in a solid color (I think the multi-colored ones look like robot faces). It will be a while before I can afford either one.

  • Natalie K.

    Kelly in Plum I guess, otherwise I collected them all and have to downsize now.

  • Black Hermes Kelly Sellier PHW ::swoooooon::; Celine Box and/or Black Constance GHW. A girl can never have too many handbags. Medium Black Chanel Boy. I do love the Black on Black flap, but it only comes in lambskin, correct? I do enjoy the hardiness of my Caviar jumbo flap. I, also, do adore the Maxi, too, but some have said it’s too large for my frame…. I still would want one in the collection though!

  • Tiba

    This will sound crazy but my holy grail is the Botkier Jackie in a large size. It is inexpensive but the most functional bag ever created and totally impossible to find.

  • Tiba

    This will sound crazy but my holy grail is the Botkier Jackie in a large size. It is inexpensive but the most functional bag ever created and totally impossible to find.

  • MissDemeanor

    Chanel all the way! My latest flap bag is my fave! I got the larger version of this last year. I love the industrial punk look. It will be a classic forever!!

  • Jennis

    I’ve searched and searched… for the perfect match in beauty and functionality.. and now that I’ve found it I can’t afford it: maybe forever my dream, my holy grail is:

    GG Marmont leather mini chain bag
    Love at first sight!!!

  • Sandra Yoshioka

    I thought mine was the Mansur Gavriel moon clutch in Cammello but I just got their flat clutch in brandy and that is now my favorite. I love the sleekness of the look but it is deceiving, it holds more than I thought it would thanks to the sides that expand. The color is so rich. I love the style so much I am waiting for my order to come in of the same except I am trying it in the suede coral.

  • FatimaBa

    Hermes Kelly in burgundy or a dark neutral with GHW is my HG dream bag.
    The other bag which I will surely get in the future because it’s more affordable is the mini Lady Dior in patent leather and SHW.

  • Anita Babcock

    I do have a bag bucket list, my main HG is a Black Birkin, I’d also like a Chanel flap

  • blueskies16

    A big black Balenciaga moto bag with silver hardware … someday when I wouldn’t have to borrow the funds to pay for it.

  • Camila

    Chanel Boy.
    I’m not fond of Hermès, if they sell Birkins to the Kardashians as bread, they’re not classy at all.

  • Jayne George

    Since I first saw the Hermes Birkin 35 I have been in love. But it is not now, and probably never in my lifetime, be in my price range. But I still dream about it…………

  • Pam

    Hermes Kelly or a rare Birkin. Chanel classic bag is a runner up.

  • Barbear

    Chloe’s Marcie medium round in anemone pink. But I’m a Catholic school teacher and could never afford any of the bags we are talking about here. But it’s fun to look and dream!

  • A Kelly 32 in Etoupe (Togo)

    Chanel reissue 227 black with gold hardware

  • Martha

    Proenza Schuler PS1 bag…so far, no bag has met its high standard for beauty and functionality.

  • Aileen Diaz

    I Have in my wish list Chanel le boy shw, black in caviar (original caviar not soft caviar) in old medium, also WOC black caviar GHW and classic card holder black caviar. I’m not lucky to found this 3 purse in store and I don’t think that they give attention to waiting list, so I keep visiting the store and I add my self to the waiting list. Lol! This waiting list don’t work.

  • Kate

    Today my holy grail bag is a 30 cm Birkin, gold togo with gold hardware.

  • Jab Marta

    Chanel Classic Flap in black caviar or lamb. I would like to buy mini rectangular but it’s still not available in stores :( I like small and medium as well.

  • MercrediMonroe

    THIS Constance bag ?, in THIS color with gold hardware ? (and a Classic Chanel in red)

  • MercrediMonroe

    THIS Constance bag ?, in THIS color with gold hardware ? (and a Classic Chanel in red)

  • GoldChanel

    My Rose pink Togo 35cm Birkin, GHW. I do wish the Birkin came with straps though! so much more practical.

  • MamaK279

    OK. I’d like to change my answer from the Hermes Bolide to the Hermes Harnais in the dark navy blue that is almost black. ;)

  • selene

    My holy grail is my Louis Vuitton Mahina Selene PM. I have had this bag for longer time now but everytime I take it from the dustbag, sell it, see it, admire the details, use it I fall in love again. It’s a perfect combination of casual and chic for me, and what is more, my name happens to be almost same as the bags name. I always imagine the bag was created for me. :)

    • selene

      I wanted to write see it, not sell it. I blame the auto correct..

  • Tracey Livesay

    Like you, I want the Chanel Classic Flap. At this point I’d take any size, but my preference would be the large size. :-)