Like every community, our PurseForum has developed its own language over the years. For instance, SA is universal code for “sales associate” when sharing shopping intel or swapping purchase stories. A RAOK is a random act of kindness, where members send each other little treats and gifts. Maybe most important, though, is the HG: our members’ abbreviation for Holy Grail, which is the One True Bag for You. Some members have captured their HGs, but for others, they’re a far-off fantasy. Either way, it’s good to have goals.

Fantasy is an essential part of fashion’s allure, and everyone’s ideal aesthetic version of themselves is a little bit different. Some of our HG-hunters scour eBay for a long-discontinued color or leather, even if the bag itself is not all that rare or expensive. For others, an HG is a bag that’s far outside their current budget, but maybe with some hustle and a few good bonuses, it can be theirs down the road. No matter what place an HG holds in your fantasy closet, though, odds are you have one in mind, even if you’re not actively searching or saving.

I’m neither saving nor searching, but for the past year or so, the ideal bag on my mind has been an all-black Chanel Classic Flap Bag of some sort. I’m open to either traditional diamond quilting or the more recent chevron version, but the most important thing to me is that the bag have both black leather and black hardware. The Classic Flap has always felt a bit too formal for my very casual personal style, but the color-matching hardware helps to give it a more youthful, slightly goth edge, which suits me just fine. Owning this bag is not in my immediate future, but: one day.

So now we want to hear from you: which bag is your current most-coveted and why?

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