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Have You Ever Utilized a Handbag Trade Service?

Rebag Trade is my not-so-secret weapon

Not so long ago, I thought I would never part ways with a bag. I was enamored with the idea of having a large collection. I wanted a closet that was vast in numbers but also one that was diverse.

I was obsessed with the notion that my bag collection should include bags from every major brand, which meant not letting go of any of the bags I had acquired as I built my collection. Eventually, I realized that having a massive collection full of bags I no longer loved or used was silly.

It was pointless to have a closet full of bags from every brand if I didn’t even want to use them, and slowly, I shifted my mindset. Quality over quantity became my new shopping mantra. I was no longer fixated on the number of bags I owned; rather, I began focusing on keeping around the bags that sparked joy with each use.

To Part Ways or to Trade

Once a bag loses its luster and no longer gets the love it deserves, I debate whether it’s time to let it go. Typically, I’ll take it out for another spin or strategize if a trend is reaching its peak and now is a good time to sell.

Eventually, I began to use my Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette less and less.

Sometimes, I’ll give it a month or two and take notice whether or not I reach for the bag.

Rebag Trade is one of the most beneficial tools in my collecting pocket. Rebag Trade allows you to buy and sell in one transaction, earning up to 10% more and benefitting from tax-free shopping. Plus, if you’re smart and you utilize Trade during a sale period, you can really get the most bang for your buck!

The Breakdown

In the summer of 2022, I grew tired of My Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires. While I still loved the bag, it no longer brought me the thrill it once did, and I found that I simply wasn’t using it as much as I once was. I wasn’t totally set on parting ways with it, but I did feel that it might be possible to get something I liked more.

It was then that I discovered the superpower of making a trade. Because I had purchased the Multi Pochette when it first came out, I got it at the entry-level price of $1,640 (current retail is now $2,570). My bag was in great shape, and using trade allowed me to get the most bang for the buck I had already laid out.

I received a Trade Value of $1,960, which I used towards my beloved silver Bottega Veneta Cassette. It was priced at $2,530, but I made sure to trade during a sale period, so I got 15% off. I only laid out $150 of my own money for a bag I have used on average of 2 times a week in the year and a half I’ve had her. It’s also worth noting that I was super impressed by the bag’s quality when I got it. It looked new!

I am currently in the midst of making another possible trade using the program, and I want to know. Have you found trade programs worth it? What’s your best-kept collecting secret?

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5 months ago

Your style of dress is rather quirky, good on ya!

5 months ago
Reply to  Kaitlin Serio

Lots of safe styling out there! You dare to be different…it’s nice to see.

5 months ago

Rebag has awful customer service. Fine to buy. Horrible to sell. Would never recommend anyone to them tbh. That’s my experience.