Victoria Beckham Prada Fringe Handbag

The fashion goddess herself, Victoria Beckham, has been seen flaunting her rockin’ body, amazing wardrobe, and adorable children on the streets of NYC. Yesterday she was spotted in Battery Park with her sons Brooklyn and Romeo. This woman really does have it all together; because she was not wandering around aimlessly, she took her sons on a tour of Clinton Castle in New York which was built in 1812 to repel the British and is now an immigrant museum. Could she be any more perfect?? Of course she was out with the most stylish winter outfit, including Balenciaga Boots and the Prada Fringe Handbag. If you recall, our immediate thoughts on this bag were grim, but to see it on the likes of VB, I just fell in love (while still keeping in mind this woman can pull anything off). So I am taking it back, I now officially love this bag after seeing how chic it looks in real life and on a real beauty. (Thanks PM for the thread!)

Check out a better picture of the bag and Vicky B after the jump!

Victoria Beckham Prada Fringe Handbag1

prada fringe handbag

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  • Leanne

    I dunno, I still don’t really like it.

  • Julia

    I think it looks great on her and her jacket is Balenciaga aswell!!!
    But the bag is just fabulous and no not everyone could pull it off!I can see Gwen Stefani rocking it aswell!

  • ^ Totally agree Julia. Sure, I love the bag on VB, but I am not sure I would be able to rock it either :)

  • Lyht

    OMG! This may be the most amazing bag I have ever seen. I would rock it in the proverbial NY minute. Though I’ve always felt VB was a little heavy with the ‘attytude’ I admire her look in most things.

  • Anne

    Please!!! Are we that shallow? A bag gets bashed immediately for its horrendous design in a previous entry (which I completely agree) and when Victoria Beckham totes it around so it’s suddenly HOT stuff?!! Come on!! This is a bag review blog. This bag is still fug fug fug regardless who carries it! Where did personal style go? Does style equate whatever celebs are wearing/using?

  • Kayla


  • QueenMAB

    Sorry, the bag is still ugly, even if Posh is carrying it. It looks like a small furry mutt with no face.

  • kelly

    What’s so great about the jacket? Just because it’s from balenciaga? I wish some shallow people would start looking beyond a brand and into actual fashion styles. This bag is just fugly. Neither the fact that it’s from prada nor victoria b carrying it is gonna make it any prettier. Maybe if you like Addams Family and fany Cousin It, this will work for you.

  • Gayathri

    Gross ! Looks like some fuzzy monster skinned and made into a bag. Yuck !

  • Daria

    Well, Paris was totting her dog all over the place, and Posh just carries a bag that looks like a shaggy dog. :) I guess it’s more practical, in a way…

    P.S. The bag is still fugly. :)

  • john

    I know that Victoria Beckham and her husband David are incredibly popular in the UK. They just came over here to the United States so David could play soccer and now every magazine and tabloid have them on their covers.

    Why are they so popular? I admit Victoria is beautiful .. is that why?

    I believe I’ve heard that the Beckhams are even hanging out with Tom Cruise and his family now. Strange who knows who.

  • preppyrich69

    its prada girls, anything prada is good thats what my mother always says. its not that bad, i would carry that in a min.

  • Well, I must admit I hated the bag (as you all saw me say before), but seeing it on VB I really like it. Then again, I am not VB and I would still never get this bag for myself- nor would it look this good on me.

    <3 Megs

  • Justine

    Wow look at those awesome boots!

  • Irene

    Those boots are amazing…does anyone know where I can find them?

  • Tawnee

    :idea: They’re from the recent Balenciaga fashion show.

  • jim

    what a bunch of sados

  • jax

    It want this bag to a premium price suitable?? contact me

  • Luci

    She looks nice in winter cloth)
    This is hilarious)))

    I don’t like the bag, though


    yuck..dont like the bag sometimes theyr’e just using hollywood stars just to make their product popular i love victoria beckham but sometimes foreigners specially stars they dont knowhow to choose whats fit with ’em dunno how to ternorize gosshhh….couldn’t believe sometimesnewscasters and tv news are liers……..they say wow your beautiful,nice bags,outfits huhhhhh..c’mon cut the crap mhen plllsss….your plastic guyzzzzzzzzz….

  • Kimberly

    I still don’t like this bag AT ALL, so ugly !!! even if Vic’s wearing it….

  • Jo

    Not sure about the bag but the crystal fox collar on the jacket is yummy.

  • karolline

    gross, both the bag and that hideous thing around her neck

  • Naggy

    That bag is so hideous and it looks like she wrapped a dead animal around her neck! (ipad)

  • ElisabethJ

    Meg! I loved this  bag the moment I saw it. I wanted to buy it but after reading  your review bought Ferragamo studded jazz satchel  instead to  which you gave a great review. Disappointed with ferragamo and don’t have beloved Prada!! :(::((:(  But still love you Meg….. because after your review of DvF Stephanie bag I am a proud owner of the golden one ….