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The Highly Covetable and Dimensional Prada Nappa Antique Bags are Here

These bags mix elegant with casual in a seamless manner.

Prada Antique Nappa Feature

Prada Spring 23 revolves around the dichotomy of life and different visions that allow the sensual and delicate to live in the same realm as creative freedom. This means a new vision for some of Prada’s bags where pressed and wrinkled leather is used to reinterpret classic Prada silhouettes.

Handmade Wrinkle Effect

Opposing the recent success of the Cleo and its sleek and structured design, these bags are more about a casual and broken-in style. The antique nappa leather is pressed and wrinkled, adding extra dimensionality to the style.

The Prada Small Antique Nappa Leather Tote is meant for daily carrying, a light and easy bag that fits over your shoulder and looks like it’s been part of your collection for years. There’s an ease and simplicity about this bag, one that feels like it offers a comforting hug and asks you to carry it.

Small Antique Nappa Leather Tote in Slate Gray
Small Antique Nappa Leather Tote in Slate Gray | Printed Satin Midi Skirt with Slit in Fuchsia | Printed Satin Top in Citron Green

The Nappa leather handles offer a long enough drop to slide effortlessly over the shoulder, and because the bag is so light, you can also carry it by hand. The enameled metal triangle logo on the front is the final touch of Prada design on the exterior, and on the interior, you’ll find nappa leather and two zipper pockets. The bags pictured are desert beige, slate gray, and sage green (this color is rich and delightful in person, it has my heart), but Prada also offers this bag in black. Overall dimensions are 13″ x 3.3″ x 12″. Shop via Prada for $3,950.

Medium Antique Nappa Leather Top Handle Bag in Slate Gray
Medium Antique Nappa Leather Top Handle Bag in Slate Gray

For a more defined shape that is also part of the Re-Edition 2001 collection, the Prada Nappa Antique Top Handle Bag may be speaking to you. This bag feels like it can still fall into the compact bag category, but it fits plenty with its ample interior that offers a wide-opening zip. The same glossy nappa leather with a natural finish defines the bag’s exterior, along with a special re-edition 2001 enameled keyring (which is removable). The strap also offers a removable zipper pouch, adding customizability to the bag by making accessories optional and fully removable.

Medium Antique Nappa Leather Top Handle Bags in Pink and Gray
Medium Antique Nappa Leather Top Handle Bag in Alabaster Pink and Slate Gray

The bag’s exterior suggests it should be quite rigid, but its divinely soft leather provides give while retaining its shape. You can carry this bag in a few ways: by the double top handles, detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap, and crossbody if you want to lengthen the strap.

The interior is spacious, with two pockets (one with a zipper). Overall dimensions measure 6″ x 2.8″ x 9.5″. While the color options are the same as above, I would choose the alabaster pink in this silhouette. It’s just the right amount of feminine, but it feels very neutral. Shop via Prada for $4,500.

The Finishing Touch

The clothes mimic the same minimized reality that the bags live in, one that feels both simple and elegant with seemingly worn-in touches. Raw edges and differing volume with shoes that are classic, yet make a statement, round out the Prada Spring 2023 collection. This collection is meant to mimic our lives, ever-changing from one minute to the next.

Discover the bags of Prada Spring 2023 now.

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