Kate Winslet Prada Nylon Bag

Kate Winslet was seen with a hip bag resting on her hip, a simple Prada Nylon Bag. Many handbag enthusiasts are not totally enthused by Prada Nylon Bags, yet Kate shows us all that they are still hip and durable. These bags may be completely simple, but they are totally durable and easy to clean. While I can say that the bag is simple and easy to throw on, Kate’s clothing choice is a bit shoddy. Oh well, not like I am always looking chic; but she could have forced a smile on that beautiful face eh?! What are your thoughts?

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  • pauline kerr

    what a sado you really are if you think anything that a celebrity carries means its fab and fashionable!!!! have you no mind of your own, as for durable and easy to clean well any nylon bag would do the same.I wonder what you would really have thought of it had it been on a woman down the road and you hadnt seen the prada badge???

  • mel

    i agree showing a famous person with the bag is stupid and demeaning r u saying that its only fashion when some i class fashion or movie star where them not a good look guys not a good look

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  • maria

    i’m not really bothered whether the prada nylon bags are fashionable/worn by celebrities or not…but i personally like them very much cause they’re so durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. i used many different ones during university and now i use them as changing bags to store my children’s diaper, etc.

  • V

    I’m a big fan of Prada generally, but I think I can safely say that they nylon makes the bag look tacky and like it’s worth about $5.

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  • Milly Anderson

    EWW! That is a ugly bag. I would never buy that!

  • karry kasim

    I love love love the prada nylon bags….dont knock em’ til you tried em’…they are super light weight, hold a ton of stuff…i am always looking for another nylon to add to my collection. i find now i wouldnt carry anything else, everything else is sooo heavy…i have to say i wasnt all to crazy about that particular one, but love the ones i have!!!

  • Princess

    I love the Prada Tessuto bags. They are durable, easy to care for and last forever.

    And as a Vegan, I prefer non leather bags.

  • Naggy

    If that is durable as any nylon on Earth, so be it. (ipad)