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The Best Bags from And Just Like That…Season 2, Episode 4

A bit of nostalgia and some indie bags

This week’s And Just Like That… episode was all about the sex: the sex we have, the sex we don’t have, and the sex we wish we had.

Following Harry’s unexpected retrograde ejaculation (Google that), Charlotte gets candid about “jizz” with Carrie, Miranda, and Anthony during a lunch scene that feels like a real throwback to the sorts of storylines that made the original run of the show, Sex and the City, a fan favorite. For a second, it felt like the late ‘90s again.

On the other hand, Miranda is still grappling with the fact that Che was once married and is still in contact with their ex-husband Lyle, who is suddenly not-so-subtly proposing the three sleep together.

Although Carrie is there to witness the potential beginning of a throuple, she has her own plot to deal with, this time around involving questions related to ageism. In fact, Carrie bumps into her former Vogue editor Enid Frick (the one and only Candice Bergen), who asks her to be part of her latest endeavor, the launch of her new magazine Vivante—French for “alive” and geared towards women “of a certain age.” In what feels like the most on-point cameo ever, Gloria Steinem is not only involved with the publication but makes an appearance at the launch party.

As is usually the case, all the sex is complemented with a range of fabulous purses, including…

Veronica Silicani’s Chiara in Ondina Yellow

Lisa, Herbert, Charlotte, and Harry all meet at their children’s school to wave goodbye to them as they head out of town for summer camp. Both ladies dress up for the occasion with the sorts of luxurious outfits that, let’s be honest, the majority of private school parents probably don’t own.

What does seem plausible, though, is for Lisa to be wearing the exquisite Veronica Silicani Chiara bag that we’re sure everyone is currently looking for. Handcrafted in Florence, this isn’t the first purse by the brand that the character was spotted donning on the show—but it’s certainly one of the most eye-catching.

Veronica Silicani Chiara in Ondina yellow

Veronica Silicani Chiara Bag
via Veronica Silicani

Basketweave Handle Bag by Lulu Guinness

Right alongside Lisa’s Veronica Silicani bag is Charlotte’s basketweave one by Lulu Guinness, which we’re sure everyone is searching for right now as well. This actually isn’t a new purse, and although one was recently available on The RealReal, it’s pretty difficult to find another one at the moment… which makes us want it that much more, of course.

Basketweave handle bag by Lulu Guinness

Lulu Guinness Wicker Tote
via Vestiaire Collective

Lemaire’s Croissant Medium Leather Shoulder Bag

While grabbing coffee with Carrie and chatting about the latter’s encounter with Enid, Seema wears the sort of purse that works wonderfully in Manhattan: Lemaire’s Croissant Medium Leather Shoulder Bag, which looks like it could fit just about anything you might need while out all day—including a change of shoes. Made in Spain, the bag is made to resemble the design of its namesake: a brioche!

Lemaire Soft Hobo Bag

Cult Gaia’s Eos Pearly Acrylic Clutch

Speaking of low-cost bags, Charlotte’s purse during the Wexleys’ anniversary party is also pretty exciting. We’re used to seeing the character in beautiful but expensive numbers by Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, and more, so it’s nice to see her don a purse that’s just as striking but not as expensive as her usual go-to’s. At the party, she carries Cult Gaia’s immediately recognizable Eos clutch in pink, a striking bag that won’t break your wallet.

Cult Gaia Jaya acrylic clutch

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1 year ago

Think the Lemaire Croissant is the large size! Or maybe Seema is very smol!