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The Best Bags from And Just Like That…Season 2, Episode 1

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Season two of the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That… has officially premiered.

As has been the case since the original TV show first landed on HBO back in 1998, the storylines explored won’t necessarily be to everyone’s liking (and for good reason, if we’re going to be honest), but the fashion will certainly give fans something to talk about.

Expect the sorts of trend statements that will shape upcoming runway shows, including an array of bags that have become bolder and more daring in shape and color throughout the production’s lifespan.

It is only fair, then, to give the purses the attention they deserve in a weekly column dissecting the very best bags featured in each episode—starting with the premiere that debuted to much fanfare this past week, kicking off a few weeks from where season one wrapped up.

And Just Like That Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

A bit of synopsis before we dive into the precious bags seen in the episode, which focused on the gang getting ready to attend the Met gala while dealing with their personal lives.

For starters, protagonist Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her podcast producer Franklyn have embarked on what is a casual fling until he mentions being ready to take things further. On the other side of the spectrum—and the country—Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is starting to worry that her relatively new relationship with Che (Sara Ramirez) is actually purely physical, while Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is in the thick of parenthood, dealing with her daughter’s desire to pursue her musical passion despite the costs associated with it.

The cast of supporting characters introduced in season one also makes a return: Seema (Sarita Choudhury) finally considers embarking on a serious relationship with Zed while Nya (Karen Pittman) seems to start moving on from her husband. In what, for now, seems to be the most robust storyline of the season, Lisa (Nicole Ari Parker) struggles between life and work balance while navigating the city’s societal scene as a powerful black woman.

Among the things the gang has in common? A closet full of wonderful bags.

Alexis Bittar Lucite Quad Handbag Croc in White

In one of the episode’s opening scenes, Seema Patel, played by the always wonderful Sarita Choudhury, draws attention to an often overlooked but certainly worthwhile brand when it comes to statement purses: Alexis Bittar. While on the phone with Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Seema is seen packing the white crocodile leather purse boasting an interesting acrylic handle featuring gold details: the perfect summertime evening bag.

Alexis Bittar Lucite Quad Handbag Croc in White

Burberry Doggy Bag

Since dogs deserve to be just as chic as their owners, we’re particularly attentive to Charlotte York’s (Kristin Davis) ensemble while walking her dog down the streets of Manhattan alongside Carrie. The Burberry doggy bag that the character wears seems to be attached to the beige leash that she’s holding—making it that much more useful.

Burberry Doggy Bag

Large Fendi Peekaboo

Of course, Charlotte has a large Fendi Peekaboo in white, which gets its own chair at the lunch table in a scene at a restaurant also featuring Seema’s Jimmy Choo Varenne transparent tote bag and Carrie’s beautiful Chanel sequined piece. Yes, they also get their own seats.

Large Fendi Peekaboo

Marine Tote Bag in Carved Leather by Max Mara

Karen Pittman, as Dr. Nya Wallace, sports what is arguably one of the most useful bags seen in the episode while she’s at a restaurant dining alone at the bar. The purse itself, a Max Mara Marine Tote bag in carved leather that also comes in black, actually makes it into the storyline as a fellow diner attempting to flirt with Nya calls it her “rampart,” shielding her from those around her.

Marine tote bag in carved leather by Max Mara


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