Well! We’re still sorting things out after Hurricane Sandy around here (and truthfully, I missed the entire thing and am still sorting myself out from an extremely fortuitously timed vacation), so we unfortunately can’t recap Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week. But! But. The good news is that we’re going to be recapping it from here on out because there is simply no more fascinating a train wreck in all of the reality TV universe. Also, because Lisa Vanderpump is awesome, and you can’t tell me otherwise.

The downside (there’s always a downside!) is that the start of Real Housewives means that we’re going to discontinue our recaps of Real Housewives of Miami. It was a good warm-up for Beverly Hills, but we can’t cover both, so RHOBH it is. Feel free to chat about your feelings on the premiere below, and then check back in this place next week for our first Beverly Hills recap!

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  • katia

    I never saw real housewives of beverly hills, but i know yolanda from dutch hollywood woman! now i have to see it, i wonder how she is there

  • christine

    how adorbes was portia when she invited lisa to her party “dahhhling”

  • Ricka ;)

    So excited to see RHOBH back on the air! So much exciting drama to come , Kyle’s new store “Kyle by Alene Too” , Camille’s resurrection, Adrianne and Paul’s divorce, and of course watching Taylor getting sued ! Oh the blissful joys of reality television!

  • Relli

    So glad to hear you are ok and that recaps are back! I really was enjoying your Miami overviews during the lull and while gawker was down. Will you be doing atlanta?

  • Jessica

    Watching the show now :) so excited its back!

  • Martha Rule

    RHONJ is my fave with BH in a close second. I love the budding friendship between Lisa and Brandy!

  • mildthang

    Did anyone else do a double take at Taylor’s new opening sequence? She looks like the joker.

  • laura

    Do you think Kyle’s been working out or something? She looks great this season. I can’t get over her hair, it’s unbelievably great looking.
    Taylor looks healthier but she still annoys me and there’s something about Adriene that I don’t like, she looks more fake than ever. It’ll be interesting to see how Bravo shows us the end of her marriage. I’m so glad BH is back but I’m sad because you’re not recapping Miami anymore. I know it’s hard but you should try to do both, this season is great. I enjoy your recaps even more than the actual episodes.

    • LuvelyJubley

      Kyle does look healthier and 5 years younger this season. Better sets/lighting, maybe? Or…if you’ve seeen the WWH Q&A with Jill Zarin, maybe a liquid facelift (Omega 3, my rear)!

  • kris

    Lisa’s new digs left me in a puddle on the floor. That is not downsizing in my neck of the woods.
    Just wow.

    • kristina

      Oh my God that was amazing. And Yolanda’s house (or guest house?) and her closet!

      Also, I will never get over the fact that Kim named her daughter Kimberly.

  • LuvleyJubley

    I have to admit, RHoM bores the shorts off of me and I was disappointed to see that this was the only RH you were recapping. So glad to see the switch to BH!
    Anyone else wondering how Taylor is still on this show? She has no job, no obvious means of income, been getting sued seven ways to Sunday and yet here she stays. Alexis from OC at least still had a husband shuffling assets to hide them from the bankruptcy attorneys, and now even Alexis is gone (woo-hoo!)…so how is Taylor still hanging in there?!

  • sherri

    Do Not like Yolanda H. Foster she isn’t right for the show.

  • Wolffwoman

    So sick of Brandy playing the victim!!!! If she needs to ” be there” for her 2 f#%*n sons as she said…. Then stay home!!!! She throws a flamethrower and then cries to the world when she gets burned!!!! #cantstandBrandy