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If you’re like anything like me, you’re going to spend the next ten minutes of your life staring at the picture of these JumpFromPaper handbags, trying in earnest to make them look three-dimensional. It won’t work, so you can stop now if you’d like. The bags are designed to look like two-dimensional cartoons, and, well, they do.

Yesterday, a friend alerted me to a post about these bags on (which is a great blog if you’re into non-handbag visual things), and I must say, they’re…interesting. It’s a very well-executed concept. and the Singaporean team behind the bags has seen the idea through to its logical extreme. I’m just not sure that they’re for grown women. I could see Japanese high schoolers going gaga for this look because it’s very graphic and girlish, but how do you think they’ll play to the rest of the market? Take a look at some more photos after the jump, and let us know whether or not you’d carry one of these designs.

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  • Laura

    I can’t believe it. Are you sure they’re not drawings? The don’t look like real bags at all. what material are they made of?

  • DanielFeng

    Aren’t these more like folders or something?
    They look like they’re flat, and not too useful (actually I’m quite sure they’re flat).
    I can’t say I’m a big fan of them, which means something since I usually like innovative, stange and crazy things…
    They are cheerful, though, and they make me smile :)!

  • ReneeO

    It’s too hard for me to picture. They look fun, but for the younger crowd as you said.

  • Stacy

    I must be a kid at heart because I actually do like these. What a great conversation starter. As others brought up though…how functional are they, but then again, sometimes I just like to carry my wallet and nothing else so I guess I could pull this out when I’m in the mood to carry light accessories. These make me smile. :)

  • Amy


  • Ashleyg

    OMG, looking at these are about to make my brain shut down, lol! Really cool but they’re making my head hurt, lol!!!

    • Cate

      I just had the same “These are hurting my head” moment!

    • I warned you not to look at them too hard! They make my head hurt too.

  • Cate

    But it’s like I couldn’t STOP looking at them! Haha.

  • dela

    I don’t think in real life they would look too cartoonishly two-dimensional. Credit should go to the photographer.

  • Nat

    I would love to see these IRL! I can’t get them to look real for me!

  • Angela

    I want one!

  • CarolineLondon

    Even the photo of a girl holding one on their website is doing my head in…

  • rufus evison

    Where can I buy these from? I am not going to share your post I am going to buy the bags, share them and credit you then…

    Answers on here or through the contact form on please, please, please!

  • Ian

    are these made out of cardboard or fabric? It’s hard to tell the fabrication. Brilliant concept though.

  • sue

    The website says they are made of canvas.
    And one of them can hold a laptop, not just iPads and folders.
    Would like to see in person.

  • Kayla

    I love these!

  • 19yearslater

    Wow. They’re weird but cool. It was a total mind warp seeing the picture of someone holding one, they really do look like cartoons.

  • Stacy

    Thank you Amanda for bringing these to our attention!!! I found the red and white bag and the blue and white bag on eBay. I purchased them. It will probably take a month for them to arrive but they’ll be worth it. SOO excited :)

  • David Marata

    very nice .!!!ahahahzahaha

  • Ami

    I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!! hoooowww?!!?!?

  • Jackie

    I am so confused.

  • katy

    If they were photographed on a desk instead of a paper background, I bet they would look a ton less cartoonish.

  • Stacy

    I received my two bags today. They are outstanding. Made of canvas and yes, they do lay flat. The bags are lightweight and fun.

    The blue/white bag does have a zipper on the bottom of it, whereby, you can unzip it and the bottom extends out slightly so that it can sit on the floor/table without tipping over. The red/white bag is completely flat, it does not have a zippered extension on the bottom of the bag. It does have a zipper on top and will easily hold my mini laptop computer. It’s so cute.

  • Rasha

    Which shop sells these bags? They r amazing!

  • OG_Sean

    wow these are literally UNREAL looking! I saw this cartoon bag fashion on another blog too it looks crazy in the pictures