Pierre Hardy Neoprene and Patent ToteEvery now and then, I have a visceral reaction to a bag. Sometimes it’s a grimace, sometimes it’s a smile, and this time, with the Pierre Hardy Neoprene and Patent Tote, it was an exclamation of “YES!” and then some contemplation as to why exactly I had that reaction to begin with. Maybe it’s because the bag is just so freakin’ geometric and architectural – the lines are incredibly clean, and it’s made out of materials that lend themselves to precision. The hot pink section of the bag is neoprene, which I believe is the material used to make wetsuits, and the black trim is patent leather. In an odd way, this is hitting me as a good beach bag, although I highly doubt it is intended to serve that purpose. But with the neoprene, why the heck not? It’s so enormous and neon that I have no idea where else or for what other purpose I’d wear it, but for some reason, I love it. It’s just so NEON. So completely, unapologetically neon. It’d be one of those bags that I’d be completely thrilled and excited to buy, and then wear twice, because there are really only two places I could wear it. I’m not entirely sure where those places are, but I’m sure there are at least two. It hasn’t hit stores yet, so I don’t have any pricing information for you, but odds are it’ll be prohibitive for a bag made out of a wetsuit, no matter how fabulous that bag is.

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  • Merve

    My exclamation is YES too. It looks so much fun although i think the wetsuit fabric might be a bit weird. Oh well one of the 2 places we can take them can be when we go diving!

  • D

    This bag is already available on the Kirna Zabete website. The price is $1455.00. Kinda strange that the neoprene version is more expensive than the all leather version of the bag which retails for $1385.00. It is a hot bag though!

  • Maura

    Havin worn a wetsuit many times in 2mm and 3mm thickness cannot believe this bag would even be a short fad, especially at those prices.

  • Sue


  • Katia

    No way! And the handles are too short. I’d look so awkward carrying that!

  • jun

    i saw this in a local multi-brand bag/shoe store… it’s really pretty and there’s a dark blue version as well! :)

  • lipvixen

    No thanks! Would grab it as a gift if it were under $60 but NO WAY for $1,455

  • Ilana

    I have a shocking pink Marc by Marc Jacobs tote I’ve been using for class…It’s soooo bright pink that you don’t want to look at it when you have a hangover, and eeeveeerryoooneee notices it but it is awesome. Pink pink pink! Neon, apparently, is hot for spring, too, but who doesn’t love pink, regardless of trend?

  • Char

    Nope, not for me. Overpriced and will only last one season (to return in another decade).

  • holly

    I love the bag, but the few occasions I coudl use it would never justify paying that much for it.

  • KathyB

    Nope, not even as a beach bag or gym bag. I can’t get past the pink, and with a price tag of $1,455 for a wetsuit with some tiny pieces of patent leather? Not happening for me.

  • QueenMAB

    I do love it, but can’t see myself spending that much on neoprene. SO cute though.

  • www.purseblog.com

    Pierre hardy neoprene and patent tote.. Nice :)