We all know that my taste can be, at times, questionable. Loose. On the tacky side. I like loud bags in general, probably because I wear so much freakin’ black and grey (even in the summer). Without a statement bag, I feel a little naked or under-dressed. Formal occasions are no exception – not that I have many formal occasions. Or any at all. But if I did, I’d surely want to carry some sort of ridiculous, bling-tastic, over-the-top, questionably tasteful super luxe evening bag. Which is exactly what the Judith Leiber In the Wild Clutch is.

Judith Leiber in the Wild Clutch

Because you see, my dears, it’s not just super sparkly. It’s super sparkly AND animal-print. At the same time. And that’s a stroke of quasi-tacky genius for which only the folks at Leiber, the home of the bedazzled watermelon bag, could be responsible. It’s combination of two of the tackiest bag idea inspires me to continue to find the awesomeness in all things moderately distasteful, and since I’m not cool enough to have anyplace to take it, I sort of want to have one just to sit it on top of my TV and admire it’s twinkling, zebra-ish glory. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $3895.

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  • Merve

    Amanda you are so funny!!! It probably costs more than your TV.

  • renee

    I never understood the Judith Leiber craze. Who would pay $4000 to have a 4 inch sparkling pit-bull purse hanging from them all night?

    But, this one I like. It’s just crazy enough.

  • @Merve – Haha, you know, I worked at Best Buy for 3 years during college, so I have an enormous, awesome TV. But you’re right, this bag costs way more than even it did.

  • chlo

    It matches the socialite collection lol funny!


    ahahha! I adore Judith L too..

  • chlo

    Many people pay 4K . If you dont like you dont buy. *The END* :)

  • me

    That is awesome.