Get Your Own Bag Bitch Tote

After a not so relaxing weekend, my early Monday mood is doldrum to say the least. Let me tell you, stress sucks (I know, you are thinking ‘tell us something we didn’t know!’). Being stressed really just eats at your body. Don’t let it in, even when you have a ton on your shoulders. And to think, I am merely stressed from packing for a very long ‘vacation’. Life needs to slow down! So to start today, I have found two handbags to show the perfect mood I am in; one censored, one not. The Get Your Own Bag B#*@% Tote is cunning, clever, and a tad cynical which makes the perfect mix for some days. This canvas tote features a coy cartoon of a girl ready to duke it out over her handbag, and let me tell you, that is my kind of girl. She is spunky and has attitude. Don’t even begin to think I would be anyone other than the blond haired girl, being really nice to stop someone to say ‘Nice Bag’ and getting a tongue lashing. All those who know me, know, I am just that nice. Anyhow, this tote made my day and makes a statement. Check out other Angry Little Girls! handbags. Tote $24.99 via Algstore, censored version here and uncensored here.

Persons who still can not get into rated R movies do not need to go after the jump for the uncensored version! :wink: