Today in Things I Didn’t Expect: Alexander Wang offered a very limited pre-order of his very literal, sneaker-inspired Spring 2015 runway bags on his website yesterday, and the three bags, all priced in the mid-$1,000 range, were sold out and completely gone from the site within a matter of hours. As we mentioned earlier today, the fashion community’s thirst for novelty pieces seems almost insatiable right now.

The bags, which appeared on Wang’s Spring 2015 runway two weeks ago in New York, were a limited edition sneak peek of the full collection. When we first wrote about the bags, you guys didn’t seem too impressed, and I’d wager a guess that your views are unchanged now that you know they’re at the top end of the brand’s normal price range.

I’d give you more information on exact prices and model names, but save for this one photo I managed to capture, the bags have been scrubbed from the site after their apparent sell-through. The rest of the sneaker-bag-hungry masses will have to wait until the collection because available early next year.

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  • FashionableLena

    Not a highlight.

  • jacqvicstein

    I got one!!! the one shown above. I can’t wait to see it in real life

  • Sparkletastic

    These are hideous. I think the novelty bag craze is a direct response to how restrained (perhaps overly so) that many designers have become in the last few seasons.

    • Agreed. These bags are a mess.

  • Those AW bags are a novelty and I can see only bloggers and fashion people wearing them. You have to have that cool sportswear ‘I-can-wear-gym-clothes-and-still-look-fashionable’ appearance to pull this bag off. So this is not for me but I don’t mind.

  • These are MY must haves for SS!!!

  • is it just me or this look like Micheal Jordan man purse? I think it looks awful… it sure is a novelty bag…. not many people will purchase these and that’s for sure…