Taylor Jacobson leaves Rachel Zoe

We are a day late reporting the news, but we are reporting nonetheless. Taylor Jacobson, who worked for Rachel Zoe, is no longer with Rachel Zoe Inc as of yesterday. The news is conflicting whether Taylor was fired or quit. If you followed the Rachel Zoe Project (one of my many guilty pleasures), Taylor Jacobson continued to express her disdain for her job and where her job was going. Though the end of the season showed things looking up between Tay and Rachel, Taylor is gone.

Now comes the different reports. Taylor seemed excited for a new beginning on her Twitter page stating: “Today is an end of an era and a beginning of a new professional chapter. Looking forward to what the future brings…!!!”.

Fashionista reported that Taylor sent out an email saying: “After four amazing years at Rachel Zoe Corporation, I’m saddened and exhilarated at the same time to announce my departure. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to take the challenging leap to go off and style on my own.”

But what People is reporting says that Taylor was actually fired by Rachel Zoe (story here). What is the truth? I am not sure right now, but I am confident that Taylor will have success styling on her own. Taylor has made a name for herself before the RZP aired and only solidified her name being on the show. We wish Taylor the best in her new endeavors!

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  • Jane

    I don’t care if she was fired or if she quit. It will be sad without her on the shoe I liked her a lot. Her work ethic is incredible and besides she suffers from social anxiety like me. I understand how difficult it can be to go to events. She is behind the scenes all work no play kind of girl and I loved that about her. I know her career will skyrocket so I just wish her the best.

  • Bonniesgirl

    ITA, Jane. Good luck, Tay.

  • harleyNemma

    With her ‘tude, I would not be surprised if she was fired. I still wish her well.

  • K

    Good for her! I will miss her on the show. She is very good at what she does and I sometimes felt that Rachel did not appreciate her enough. I am sure she will do good for herself! I wish her all the best!

  • Terri

    I completely concur with Jane’s comments. Better Taylor leaves now than stay and miss her opportunity to make her own path since her star is in the spotlight. I think she was underappreciated and I’m sure her absence will be felt. She is like many, a worker bee who now can become the Queen Bee!!!

  • purseloco

    YEAH! I have been watching the ongoing drama, there is nothing worse than to have someone working for you that is miserable as she was. Her father was right the only one that can change anything was her and she should not rely on anyone else to do it. I doubt that she will be happy anywhere until she changes her attitude, but I wish her luck. Now maybe Zoe won’t be so stressed out.

  • reneeo

    She’s a bitch.

  • kacee

    i loved her on the show and wish her huge success! that being said, her attitude was horrible and she was clearly unhappy. whether she was fired or quit is irrelevant, both she and rachel will be better off in the end. cheers to both!!

  • susan

    I hope she makes a name for herself, she was clearly unhappy towards the end

  • Diane

    Tay was always whining and so miserable. It’s good for her – and everyone at Zoe – that she is finally gone. From what I could tell on the show, it seemed that Zoe and Brad had much better fashion instinct as to what Zoe’s clients would like. Although I am sure that she has good style in her own right – it’s just that she might have it for a different clientele. I’m sure she will do great – but she needs to change her attitude.

  • karen

    goodriddens….so many would kill for that job, i thought she was pretty ungrateful…

  • PhotoGirl

    Don’t let the screen door hit you where the Good Lord split you. . .

  • 2manybags

    Couldn’t stand her on the show. Glad she’s gone.

  • Ally

    I loved Taylor. She worked her ass off and had a great sense of personal style. But she’ll make it on her own regardless of whether she was fired or not. I doubt it(the firing) though. I don’t think Rachel has it in her.

  • otter

    NOBODY can complain, roll their eyes, seeth and simmer, unpack boxes, and hang up clothes like Tay-Tay. Best of luck in her career. She rocks.

  • Michael St. James

    I’m sooooooo happy for her!

  • taunja

    It was time for her to go. I wish her the best!

  • Kim

    I agree with Jane. Total workhorse who saved Rachel’s ass while she was having fun in Paris. What’s-his-face is good for a laugh, but he’s not a worker — he just likes to dress up. Rachel will have to look pretty hard to find a replacement

  • The Girl in Grey

    I can’t decide if I’m surprised or not.
    Actually, not. I’m glad she left-after how long she had been working there she really deserved better.
    Good job Tay!

  • Mandie

    i really liked her on the show

  • RFID Reader

    Thanks for good information that comes out to


  • Chris In Boston

    Anyone who has watched the show realizes that Taylor put in a lot of the “guts” for VERY little Glory. I’m glad she branched out on her own…. I’m sure she will be very successful. Rachel Zoe got more than her “pound of flesh” from Taylor! Barring any impropriety on Taylor’s part, (ie: stealing, which has been reported ) I wish her nothing but the best! She worked her ass off for Zoe and now deserves her own hard earned acclaim.

  • Erin

    There are two sides to every story. For those saying Taylor was always miserable on TRZP, remember who the executive producer is. RZ. Of course Taylor is going to be portrayed in a one sided way on the show.

    I wish her the best. More than enough starlets in town. One person can’t dress ’em all.