For me, it was love at first sight. I had long admired the Proenza Schouler PS1, but I hadn’t yet found a version that seemed meant to be mine. It was 2011 and I had just moved to New York City and eBay’d my Céline Luggage Tote after realizing it was an impractical choice for a woman no longer traveling everywhere by car: too heavy, not meant for shoulder wear, impractical to keep zipped shut all the time. New place, new bag.

I had moved my attention to designs that could be carried crossbody and that could shut out intruders on the subway without requiring both of my hands to manipulate the closure. I wanted a pocket where my phone could sit so that my headphones could still snake out while the bag was fully closed–I had to walk around a lot in my new life, after all.

When we founded National Handbag Day (which is tomorrow!) four years ago, it was for the same reasons that my new home immediately launched a search for a new bag: the things we carry with us are never really just things. Our choices and preferences reflect our selves and our lives in ways both big and small, and we think that’s one of the things that makes bags so special: because they’re functional, everyday necessities, what we choose is a part of who we are.


Once I had decided on the PS1, I waited for one to inspire me, and thankfully, a blanket-print jacquard textile version from Fall 2011 did just that. Because I was 25 and new to New York, I decided to take a little risk and hope for it to go on sale, and thankfully, it did. I carried it nearly every day for two years, and although it eventually relinquished the top spot in my everyday rotation, it’s still my favorite bag of all time.

Now we want to hear from you–which bag holds the fondest place in your heart and why?

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  • Shevvi Crowley

    For me it’s a Coach duffle sack. I’ve been rocking one since high school in the mid 90s, used one as a diaper bag, and own a mix of vintage and current ones.

  • Passerine

    Of the bags that I own, my LV Trevi PM. Esp now that it’s discontinued. IMO, it was one of the brand’s best designs ever, at least in DE. After several years of normal use, it’s still in near-pristine condition. I willbe carrying this bag for a long time!

  • Katrina

    My coach borough-hands down! She gets so many compliments every time I wear her! Such a beautiful and functional work bag. Much better made than my prada and LV bags. I will be wearing her on national handbag day?

    • Allie G

      I wish they were still making the borough.

  • Emily

    My Louis Vuitton Selene Mahina PM. It also happens to be my first designer bag -I got it when I was 19 and the most expensive this far. It still smells leather, it looks as new and I really splurged on it. I can carry it on my arm, on my shoulder or crossbody and the LV print is subtle enough. I even got a smaller laptop so that it would fit my bag!

  • ReneeO

    The PS1’s are my favorite bag of all time too. I have several. They are not my prettiest or the most luxurious bags that I own, but they the most pleasurable to use. Their function is perfect for me–no easy task. If I had to dump all my bags and just choose one, the PS1 would be it!

  • FashionableLena

    My Balenciaga Moto in distressed leather. It’s the perfect size. I love the edgy vibe. I like that it can be both handheld and thrown over-the-shoulder. Most of all, I got it got a good deal on an online consignment shop. I need to pull it back out!

  • Angela

    I love your choice! I’ve always admired that bag. My favorite is the PS1 in olive leather. It’s perfect. I use it almost every day. My second fav is my Balenciaga City in Wonder Woman blue with silver.

  • Ingri

    My Givenchy Pandora is one of my dearest possessions.

    • Zeremine

      Same! My bright orange medium panda never fails to make me smile

  • Anna Dinh Nguyen

    Fendi Petite 2Jours, just the right size and easy to throw my stuff in and get out

  • Cheryl

    I have many designer bags that I’ve bought over the them all and always looking out for another for my collection….?

  • Lina Lee

    I have 2 favorite and they are Chanel reissue bag and Bottega Veneta maxi convertible bag. I’m with @Cheryl . I love all my bags that I have collected over the years and I have 2 bags want to add them in my collection! ?

  • Jade Manalac

    Mine would be my Balenciaga Classic City. I just love how the bag ages and the smell of the leather never fades.

  • DayDreamer

    Small Salvatore Ferragamo Fiamma – it can fit my iPhone 6, a small wallet, compact powder, lipstick and my car keys. Sometimes I can even put it a light scarf or cardigan in it too! It may be too small for most people but I find bigger bags hurt my shoulder and back

  • Mishel

    I also agree with Cheryl, but my absolute favorite bag is my Chanel Jumbo XL Weekender Tote. It is a big bag for everyday, but it fits my 5’10” frame perfectly & alleviates me from having to carry an additional bag for my toddler. It was a hard bag to find, but well worth the wait!!

  • Jen

    I know they’ve had their heyday, but I still love my Alexander Wang Rocco. I love that smooshy lamb leather. I have several colors and just never get tired of them. Perhaps it’s because you can’t always see the studs so it’s fairly understated.

    • Sara

      I agree. Rocco is forever.

    • C

      Yes! I actually got my Rocco several years after its popularity had already peaked. I was a student when the bag blew up and didn’t have the means to get one at the time. But I knew I wouldn’t regret this purchase because I’d loved the design from afar for so many years.

      I don’t carry mine as much as I’d like, just because it IS a bit heavy. But those studs are such a fun sneaky little surprise- I’ve gotten tons of compliments from people who looked twice at my bag and noticed the hardware.

  • BeccaRisa

    It’s hard to choose because I love all of my bags… but if I had to pick: my Balenciaga city in black with giant 12 silver hardware. I love the leather and I always feel so cool carrying it. It still gives me the *feels* when I take her out of her dust bag.

  • John

    My Givenchy Large Pandora in black goatskin leather. A not-so-basic black bag with a subtle edge that just goes with most outfits. There’s something about this bag that just makes me feel happy! :)

  • Sara

    LV Petit Noe in epi leather. I have one in red and one in tricolor (blue/green/black). In love.

  • Aurore de La Gorce

    I guess it is between my Antigona, my Kelly and my Charlie. I really can’t decide between them three but I know my Charlie is the most practical and scratchproof !

  • mituto

    The PS1 once hold a very special place in my arms and shoulder. Living in New York (too), the bag felt effortless and versatile between work, graduate school and diaper-duty (zipper pocket = wipes and phone). Until, its front hardware collapsed in less than 2 years. I don’t think I’ve recuperated since.

    • Easy

      I say a prayer every time I lift up the closure on my PS1!

  • Jess

    If I would already own a Kelly, I think it would be a Kelly. It is my holy grail bag and I think it would also be my most loved bag. For the time being and of the bags that I own, my all time favourite is definitely my Chloé Marcie. I know that many are tired of this bag, but for me it has become a classic. I love that it can be carried in the hand, over the shoulder or crossbody. It has a zip, front pocket, and is roomy enough to carry everything I need for a day at work. And I also still love the style. For me, it’s the perfect bag!

    • Lorelai

      Same! Marcie will always be my favorite ??

  • Tinsley Proust

    My black Céline Box is honestly my favorite. It fits everything I need (trifold wallet, LV Cles w/ keys, sunglasses, and some makeup) while still looking chic and being compact.

  • Christine

    My all time fav purse is my Birkin 35 in soufre… :)

  • Tiffany H

    My Black Chanel Reissue SHW in size Large (227) is my favorite handbag. Such a luxurious understated elegant bag!

  • Carina Eberle

    I LOVE my PS1. Mine is a beautiful neutral color and can wear almost every day!

  • Sandy

    Chanel Jumbo Classic caviar double flap, after getting this bag I have not had my heart do a flip for any other. I have never experienced this before because no matter the bag I purchased I was always looking toward the next acquisition, until my Jumbo Classic.

    • Safa

      Same here :) And its already been two years and I was just thinking that maybe its time to save up for another buy but I can’t seem to find anything that makes my heart flips as the Chanel Jumbo Double Flap :)

      • Carol

        Same here too….Exactly the same thing.

  • I never thought I’d carry my Hermes Kelly as much as I have done so far. It’s such a great everyday bag!

  • Amazona

    My heart is very much beating for a nice, elegant tote. DvF croc print Large Voyage to be exact. It’s got everything going for it; enough structure to keep the inside well organized, enough space for all my belongings, a goooorgeous red suede lining and it’s so comfy to carry since it weighs close to nothing. I also feel super sophisticated whenever I carry the bag and I’m pretty sure it helped le BF land his new apartment lease (the real estate lady had her eyes nailed to the bag the whole time we were there)!

    If I had to name the style that’s most present in my everyday life, however, it’s Le Pliage. Whether it be nylon or Cuir, a LP always finds its way into my travel bag, shopping trips would never happen without one in tow and harsh weather can suck it because I have my trusty LP’s to keep my stuff safe. And, occasionally, also me. Forgetting an umbrella is no longer a problem when you have a Le Pliage.

    It’s a tie between two totes, this one!

  • Baglover

    I am obsessed with my Prada Double in the Medium size. I have all but ran it over with my car and it still looks beautiful. Definitely the best everyday bag i have ever owned. My favorite “special” bag has to be my Chloe drew bag! a little heavy but literally goes with anything.

  • Lady Dior hands down! I love my new Chanel classic flap and I know resale is higher for Chanel, but I can’t wait to pass my Lady Dior down to my future daughter. That bag is forever.

    As far as a future purchase, Kelly 28 or 32 Sellier.

  • buffmom33

    Hermes Kelly in 30 black with palladium hardware!! Will be mines :)

  • realllmino

    Probably my Celine mini belt.
    I can put a whole load of things inside, with a shoulder strap available. Closure wasn’t a problem after I got the hang of it after a week. Plus it goes well with dresses and jeans, I can’t complain.

  • Chloe

    My absolute favorite bag is this backpack by InconnuLAB. A minimalist waterproof backpack which is perfect for commuting by bike in all weather conditions… I highly recommend it!

  • crescent

    Gucci Disco for me. I already have it in 2 colors.

  • bags4mia

    holy grail bag would be a Black Birkin 30 with gold hardware and epsom leather <3. But my two favorite bags currently in my possession are my Celine Nano in Red w/drummed leather and my Chanel jumbo double flap in caviar leather w/gold hardware.

  • Lauren

    Chanel classic CC medium black caviar leather with silver hardware ??

  • Catarina

    My 3 favorites are Kelly, Chanel 2.55 Jumbo and Mini Lady Dior. Then Picotin 22, Evelyne and Dior Promenade. One just needs these to always be elegant and chic.

  • Lorelai

    The Chloe Marcie! In all of its iterations. I’ve never adored another bag that much before or since. :)

  • Pam Hughes

    Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, Celine Medium Luggage Tote, Michael Kors Gansvoort tote, Gucci Sukey are some of my tops. love them so much!

  • APD

    My black Hermes Evelyne. I purchased it on vacation when I was in London for Fall Fashion Week in 2014. I had just turned 23 and it was the first top-tier designer bag I had purchased directly from the store (rather than through consignment or other second-hand avenues) so it was an important and memorable purchase for me. Funny enough, I didn’t start using it much until this year and for the past few months I’ve used it daily. I’m currently looking for a second classic, everyday bag that I can switch between so my “Evie” doesn’t get worn out haha, but she is so perfect that I’m having a nearly impossible time finding a worthy runner-up. I have a whole collection of designer “specified occasion/location” bags but city life makes my list of requirements for a new everyday bag quite lengthy.

  • Anne Van Der Haegen

    1. Chanel classic flap jumbo black caviar
    2. Mulberry Bayswater
    3. Delvaux Brillant
    4. Gerard Darel indy bag

  • Pamela Tobin

    1. My Chanel caviar maxi flap 2011 when it was still $4700
    2. My Celine calfskin pebbled luggage mini in camel

  • Jenna Emmons

    My Fendi “Fall in Fall” Baguette. The tapestry was hand woven in Tuscany by Lisio and it features 14k gold hardware.

  • Mya Wilkes

    My Chanel classic flap hands down!

  • Mia

    For me it would be anything giant tote. … i love Versace for totes and Chanel Ralph Lauren has some nice totes as well and super inexpensive for the quality. But I’m waiting for my Kelly. .. and my have everyday bag is a simple zip top signature canvas and black leather Louis Vuitton shoulder or cross-body that is glued to me these days.

  • Aileen Diaz

    My favorite bag of all time have been my gucci tote bag in fabric. I love Chanel and Luis Vuitton trying always to add new to my collection. I have Gucci For more than 8 years, is so ligh, very comfortable in my shoulders, care free, very spacious and strong. Great for traveling and I don’t need to worry about. After 8 years and plenty of travel and miss use, still looking new. I have been looking to found the same model to purchase again in case of this broke but I don’t found.

  • blueskies16

    Balenciaga motorcycle bags. Someday …

  • Luv iz Luxury

    What a fabulous question. I have Chanel Classic in Jumbo & Medium but they are not my favourites. My absolute favourite is my medium Diorama in Black Calf by Dior – it is so durable but still soft and elegant and lightweight. It is my go to bag when I want to dress up and perfect for travel. I also love my Louis Vuitton Speedy B in Mono as that is just so easy to live with and you can carry more and I feel a great casual bag (it is also sentimental being my introduction into Luxury bags). These are the two bags I would never part with. Chanel Classics are nice, but they are annoying with the double flap, even though I realise they are the “dream bag” to many ladies, they sit on my closet shelf unused the most.

  • MamaK279

    I have had so many designer bags that I’ve sold once I got tired of them (Celine belt, tie, blade, Fendi By the Way, Reed Krakoff hobo)…there are a few I’d never part with. I have greenish/grey Celine Edge, a Givenchy black hobo that is not slouchy like a regular hobo but structured leather, and my Hermes Berlin crossbody in Etain leather. Right now, these have pride of place…

  • Avebabe

    Bottega Convertible all the way! Great for everyday use and especially love it for travel. Use it as a tote during the day, then flip the sides down and becomes a bag for the evening. Have even folded it in half for a third look. Plus, no logos and is one of those bags that gets more beautiful with time. Second favorite is Gucci Guccissima pouch–perfect for on the go.

  • Mikey

    I would have to say my beautiful green JPG Birken. It is the perfect everyday bag. Classy & function.

  • Ragnhild :)

    My favorite would have to be my Louis Vuitton damier azur pochette. I know it isn’t that fancy or anything, but that bag really means a lot to me. My cousin bought it for me in Oslo, Norway for my 18th birthday and it was my first designer bag. I was so happy. I didn’t use it that much in the beginning though. 3 years later I went to LA and bought a long cross-body strap at LV Santa Monica, and started using the bag all the time. It seriously works with everything I wear and it actually fits a lot of stuff too :)
    Oh, and I also love Mulberry Alexa with the brown color. So beautiful!

  • Livo

    Difficult, but I am between, Balenciaga Classic City Leather Tote and Valentino Rockstud leather tote

  • Jennifer Eddy All time favorite is my vintage Bottega Veneta bag. I don’t know the name, it’s stumped all the experts when I was making sure it was authentic, yet it is. It looks like Chanel and Bottega had a baby. It’s not my most expensive bag but I love it just the same. It reminds me of the Chanel bag that Audrey ran around with in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.