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Lately Victoria Beckham has been a walking Hermes and Marc Jacobs ad. Anywhere we spot her she is pairing her Hermes Handbag with a Marc Jacobs Dress (typically with Louboutins). It is refreshing to see Victoria step out with a different designer handbag. On Easter Sunday, Victoria Beckham and kids met up with Kate Beckinsdale and her family. As they perused the exhibits at the Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles, only one thing caught my eye, Victoria’s stunning python bag. And no, it was not Hermes! Victoria Beckham was carrying around a gift from Michael Kors, the Michael Kors Rehearsal Satchel in Coffee python, and wearing a Michael Kors dress. We have confirmed that this bag was a personal gift from Michael Kors to Victoria Beckham. Seems the two meet at the Project Runway Finale and hit it off. This handbag was the envy of every attendee at the Project Runway Finale, and Kors choose Beckham as the lucky one. While Victoria’s exact bag does not seem to be available online, there is a black python version available through Michael Kors for $2495. If you are looking for a chic metallic gold or silver leather wash, it is available at eLuxury for $1495.

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  • Janinevs

    She actually looks almost nice for a change.Now if that neckline was just a couple of inches higher, it would be a perfect outfit.

  • savvy gal

    the bag is really cute. I really like how she paired everything together.

  • dyjann

    If I never knew she had kids, I’d never believed she was a mother of 3 boys! I’m not her fan, but I do marvel how she can dress up so impeccably at times. And yes, love the bag.

  • mette

    Credit for the bag. Great in brown. But why oh why is VB looking on the ground again? Could she atleast once face the camera and show her face? Please no more pictures of her.Enough is enough.

  • Densha
  • Janinevs

    I got so carried away with VB Not looking like a high-priced call girl that I forgot to comment on the bag. Absolutely gorgeous, very reminiscent of Gerard Darel, no?

  • Daisy

    It looks an awful lot like a Gerard Darel bag.

  • Jahpson

    She looks fabulous as always!

    **passes out straws for those drinking haterade**

  • seirc

    i really like her look here, casual but chic… not as contrived as she usually seems.

    but as usual, her expression makes me sit upright on my chair sub-conciously.

  • pjh

    I like Posh better when she’s got Hermes dangling from her arm. This is cool, but I’m not super keen on Michael Kors.

  • Tina

    Don’t like it, next! :roll:

  • Yen

    I personally don’t like her but she does dress well most of the time and I’ve always loved her shades, does anyone know which brand/s they are? I want to get a similar pair for me.

    I know this sounds silly but are those boobs fake???? Before discovery Purse Blog, I’ve never seen so many photos of VB so pardon my ignorance.

    At times I also wonder if these so-called celebrities are for real..they carry a child on a 3-4inches high heels?? I had to give up my heels since I became a mom and if I travel with them, I could only go with max 2inches stack heels and they don’t need any help managing 3 kids…do the paparazzi cut crop off those nannies that are follwing them around.

    • dela

      VB is all about fake fabulousity. A lot of meticulous work goes into being VB, nonetheless she does make great choices with her wardrobe.
      Another style icon that pops up on purseblog from time to time is Kate Moss. In many ways Kate Moss and VB are opposites, while Kate Moss always looks natural and effortless, it looks like it takes a village for VB to get ready.
      I am with you on heels.

  • mette

    To Yen: Yes her boobs are truely SO fake. She is totally artificial and IMO looks unreal being so skinny and having those grande boobs. Please,no more pictures .


    oki, Hers are fake… but who cares? She is sooooo prety all the same!
    And her bags… they are all amazing!! I wonder if they are all real designers or if she is just visiting to buy some replicas???? Because, really who can have so many REAL handbags?
    Maybe she is just doing this to kiil us from envy!

    • dela

      It’s a clever way to advertise your website. I know many everday women who have dozens of designer bags, so, with her bank account, VB shouldn’t have any problem buying REAL (not REPLICAS) cream of the crop designer handbags.

  • putri

    i never see her wearing her bags on her shoulder. ever. is that a crime or something? haha. that mk bag suppose to be a shoulder bag riight??

  • Ams

    Victoria is fab! Michael Kors is a hoot but the bag has to go! Hermes all the way!

    In response to above Victoria wears mostly her own brand shades these days although i believe she used to wear Oliver Peoples. The woman is amazing and true style icon!

  • NordyGirl

    This bag is 40% off right now! Which make around $750! It is really gorgeous in person :) email me at or call me at Nordstrom at 317.810.9809 ext 1255, ask for Ali Moreland :)