Jalda Handbags

Back in November I had a chance to meet the wonderful, gracious and chic Jalda.
Soon, we’ll be sharing that interview with you, but to give you some what of a teaser, enjoy Jalda’s Valentine’s Day answers below and definitely click here to see some of her amazing designs!

You love LA. What would be one of the best things to do in LA on Valentine’s Day? Find a secluded spot on a cliff overlooking the ocean somewhere near Malibu and have a picnic for hours…

What is your favorite part about Valentine’s Day? The Fact that it makes you think about celebrating love. It’s really something to appreciate.

Red or pink? Which is your favorite Valentine’s Day color and why? Both: pink is more romantic, red is more passionate and Valentine’s Day should have both!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? My boyfriend and I are going to rebel against the “commercial” nature of Valentine’s Day and do something the day before and the day after (because we’re all for celebrating love)!

What is the best Jalda gift for Valentine’s Day, why? A Rose Croc Clutch. It’s romantic yet versatile, a timeless shade, and will add color and a twist to any outfit – a true “accessory”!

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  • deka@thatshideous.com

    beautiful clutch!
    i can see the quality from the picture

  • myc

    it looks like one of the clutch from balenciaga….

  • Ji

    very nice, love the color. it looks like a fuit, lol

  • emm

    ah i think people are definitely forgetting that vday is about love!
    but for us singles, mostly sulking haha

  • Kathy

    Its a lovely clutch, the material is soo classy ^_^

  • brooke

    i love these interviews, they are so cute. and same with the bag!!

    brooke xx

  • baby boo

    i think red is soo hot for feb

  • kimalee

    I love her pieces! beautiful clutch and great interview :)’
    thanks for sharing with us!

  • Jenifer

    i am just getting into clutches and this one is so pretty.
    I love reading these as I find out about tons of new cute bags and accessories.