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The co-founders (and brother sister duo) of Ignes divulged some of their Valentine’s Day plans:

If you were making Valentine’s Day dinner for your significant other, what would you make and why?
Maria: Mmm, we are both not so great cooks, yet chicken cordon bleu and roesti (swiss potatoes) is a favourite of my husband, I must try and remember how it was made.
Ignacio: I would make a barbecue and then strawberry cake for dessert, Chiara has a very sweet tooth!

Since you are brother and sister, do you make sure to always get one another a Valentine’s Day gift?
Maria: Not really, yet I do help him find something special for his wife, Chiara! She complains that she can’t always receive a handbag for Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s, since these should arrive to her at different times (no occasion attached!) and she wants an extra effort in the selection when it’s a special occasion. I agree.

What is your favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day?
Maria: I love going out to dinner to original places, all depending of where we are in the world.
Ignacio: This year should be a nice day by the beach, perhaps a fun pic-nic, taking one of those very complete baskets we got given as a wedding gift. I’ll have to start thinking about that (of course, all this provided it isn’t exactly the same day my nephew decides to come to the world).

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year?
Maria: Probably spending it with my husband and our newborn, perhaps even in the hospital! Valentine’s Day coincides with the due date of our first baby, so less the romance, it should be an extra special one indeed.
Ignacio: As I am based in Uruguay and it’s summer here currently, I will most likely go out to dinner with my wife in a beach resort very near the capital, called “Punta Del Este”, considering this year it’s a Saturday.

What is the best Ignes gift for Valentine’s Day? Why?
Maria: A customized handbag where a romantic note is added in the interior as part of the engraving we offer. We love it when men buy and enjoy the process of handpicking exactly what they think their partner would like. A red touch (ie luxurious suede in red) is a fun personalization we have also seen.

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