Marc Jacobs Ostrich Stam

So this is love?! I am on handbag love overload. Yesterday I brought you a metallic Bronzo true love, the YSL Volcano Tote, which I literally dreamed about, and now I am bringing you the feminine exotic from Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs is a man of many wonders. His designs at times are misses, but with the Marc Jacobs Ostrich Stam he found his way into every woman’s heart, with the perfect combination of color, pale pink, and leather, ostrich. I don’t know about you but this bag rocks right to my core, sending me notions of girly wonders that remind me just why I love being a woman. The ability to pair a powerful suit with the perfect feminine accessory is something men must have bag-envy over! Amanda recently covered this rendition of the Stam, labeled the Marc Jacobs Sunburst Stam, and at the time I was not sold on it. It was nice, but it took the exotic skin and color to send me into the world of ohhing and ahhing. The silver tone link chain strap is detachable. I am just all kinds of sold on this. Sold on this and yesterdays YSL bag. My fall handbag list would be complete with these two bags. Buy this Marc Jacobs bag through Net A Porter for $5,500.

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  • So beautiful and ladylike, but with a little edge. Love the structure and the color.
    Great bag, Megs!!!

  • Lisa

    I love it :) And it is a less expensive alternative for those of us that loved the super-rare and uber-expensive LV Pink Ostrich Speedy that it resembles in my opinion!

  • serena

    I think the stam is a nice bag- I always admire it when I see it in stores or on others- but this versions seems a littlle off. All the elements are there to make it a bag for the ages but somehow it doesn’t look quite right. Perhaps it looks better in real life.

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE IT! I love almost all frame bags but this is definitely calling out to me because I am a huge fan of both ostrich and pale pink! Great bag!

  • Kaytey

    You know, I love the stam, BUT – I hate ostrich. More than any other exotic. It truly loathe it. It’s so creepy looking… It looks like an uncooked Thanksgiving turkey skin to me, replete with feather holes. Gross. If this were just pink leather, sure. But ostrich??? Blech.
    Sorry, I know I’m the odd one out, but…

  • “I hate ostrich. More than any other exotic. It truly loathe it. It’s so creepy looking… It looks like an uncooked Thanksgiving turkey skin to me, replete with feather holes. Gross.”

    LOL!! Now that’s all I can see. You are so right…

  • Jamie

    I completely agree with kaytey!

  • Marianna

    This bag is beyond fabulous! I love ostrich and this color is TDF. I think I will be dreaming about this one tonight!!

  • MsTina

    I love this! I was not a huge fan of the original Stam but one wins my heart!

  • elena

    this bag is wonderful but it’s really really expensive!!

    ..I’d like to ask to all of u a question (I actually don’t know if this is the right space, but I’ll try)..
    does anybody know which bag is the blue one that is carrying miley cyrus in those days?
    a link with a picture—>
    thank u very much, and sorry if this is not the right place where to ask!

  • Elena, Miley is carrying a See by Chloe bag!

  • Crystal

    I agree with Lisa! It is a more affordable version of the speedy. He always seems to give us a more affordable version of the LV bags, perforated comes to mind.

  • littlemisskitty

    this is a lovely bag…

  • Julie

    I love the exotic leather!

  • Me

    I love ostrich, but I prefer brighter colors or neutral colors.

  • Olivia

    I was already a fan of the “Stam” bag. This is Brilliant.

  • Alvira Khan

    I definitely do think that these bags are very lady-like!

    Alvira Khan
    Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Alumni

  • Wanted

    Is this leather? or what and where is it made? That would be nice to know when you do your blog….beautiful color

  • Regina

    I’ve seen this bag twice in person, one time I loved it, one time I didn’t love the hue of the pink. I always worry about buying certain colors off websites like: pink, yellow, red, etc, their hues sometimes are different in photos.

    Has anyone else seen this bag in person?

  • pittandbull

    check out the friendship between marc jacobs and sponge bob

  • brooke-leah

    i personally love the stam bag in every colour. im travelling to new york in november and just wondering where i can buy the black patchwork version?

  • Kim Nguyen

    Love it, love it, love it. If money were no object, I’d pick it up in a heart beat. But I settled for the black quilted Stam instead. Love that one, too. I don’t feel like any of Marc’s bags are a downgraded LV. I own 5 LVs and are just tired of them. Marc adds a nice edge to his classic pieces. I’m a new fan!!!

  • Kendra

    love it love it love it! The color and style is perfect. But do they even make this one anymore? (fb)