I enjoy a quality, high fashion, luxurious tote as much as the next person, however, every now and then, I just want a tote that I can throw all my stuff in and just head out on a whim. The Miss Marc Goes Green Tote is just the kind of bag for this occasion. Sure, it is being advertised as a a grocery bag, but who doesn’t love a mulit-purpose bag? The tote can be swung over your shoulder as you head to the grocery store, farmers market, park or beach. The double handles, pocket on the inside and adorable picture of the penguin urging all those who see it to save the poles lured me in. At first glance I just thought about the practical implications of the bag, but as I began to think about it a bit more, I couldn’t help but find myself reminded about the environment and how each small action a person takes can actually help. I’m not going to get up on any sort of soap-box and get all “environmental” on you, but it does feel good to sport a bag that reminds me to do what I can to help save our Planet. Buy this tote for $158 through Saks.

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