I enjoy a quality, high fashion, luxurious tote as much as the next person, however, every now and then, I just want a tote that I can throw all my stuff in and just head out on a whim. The Miss Marc Goes Green Tote is just the kind of bag for this occasion. Sure, it is being advertised as a a grocery bag, but who doesn’t love a mulit-purpose bag? The tote can be swung over your shoulder as you head to the grocery store, farmers market, park or beach. The double handles, pocket on the inside and adorable picture of the penguin urging all those who see it to save the poles lured me in. At first glance I just thought about the practical implications of the bag, but as I began to think about it a bit more, I couldn’t help but find myself reminded about the environment and how each small action a person takes can actually help. I’m not going to get up on any sort of soap-box and get all “environmental” on you, but it does feel good to sport a bag that reminds me to do what I can to help save our Planet. Buy this tote for $158 through Saks.

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  • Love the sentiment behind it but the print is plain ugly.

  • luvhautecouture

    i liek the tote, but at that price, i’m not buying it!

  • Kaytey

    More people SHOULD get on their soap box. At this point, people just assume that everyone who cares about the environment is some kind of overblown Al Gore extremist (not that I think he was, but he’s been made to be one). People should be reminded that lots of small actions add up to big changes!

  • amanda g

    while it may be cute, i rather pay $1.99 for a tote made out of recycled plastic bottles at whole foods. while i applaud the efforts of designers to address the issue of saving our planet, sometimes it seems like they are just milking it to make a buck (or a hundred) :roll:

    • claire

      You’re SO right. $158?? Seriously?

  • pidgeon92

    I bought this bag a couple of weeks ago, and I just love it. I have other bags for grocery shopping; I use this one if I’m hauling other stuff, like library books.

  • Miss Marina

    I love the idea behind it, because it puts the issues on the forefront. I think the design isn’t the best. I like the print though, I think its really cute. I think people should be more earth-friendly, because this is the only home we have. Also, just to put this out there, I hope people become more eco-friendly becuase look at where we are. It isn’t hard and a few simple steps can really help!

  • dierregi

    It seems as if at least once a day a new bag is launched under the label Marc by Marc Jacobs (and one under Marc Jacobs main line). There are so many MJ out there now that this brand has totally lost its identity. Of course I care about the environment and that’s why I don’t need MJ or anybody else to remind me about a very simple fact of our life. What I need from MJ is stylish bags but that’s hardly the case anymore, since quantity seems to matter more than quality.

  • Love the thought behind but that is one fugly bag. It reminds me of that god awful animation movie Happy Feet.

  • Cathy

    the print is so simple nothing special for me.. but being a nature lover i support the message.. try to start caring on our own house then little by little the whole world will follow.. :razz:

  • I want to hug that little penguin. I wish the bag was less expensive, though. There’s no appreciable reason for it to cost that much, unless $100 from each purchase goes to the World Wildlife Fund. I doubt that’s the case, but if it is, I’ll take two.

  • I don’t really consider this a purse. It looks more like a tote bag. I would not buy this item. :sad:

  • louislovesfendi818

    does any money go to like an environemental cause? Otherwise this is completly pointless.

    • You know, it does not say. I would *hope* so, as most designers that do this have a cause or organization, but we will have to look into this further!

  • kq

    i saw this at norstrom last week and have been eyeing it for a while. the penguin is adorable but the straps are kind of weird. it’s also huge in person! and it’s made out of hemp so it smells a bit, but i’m sure it’d fade after a while

  • Melissa

    This is outrageoues please be wiser consumers ladies buying this $150 dollar bag will NOT save the planet, it was made in a sweatshop, so buying it would only make a gay man who expects equal rights ( which he fully deserves) richer, and you would be single handedly financing inhumane treatment of chinese workers, aka neo-slaves. Think twice, theres one label I look for when shopping, Made In China if it was I dont buy. If you must buy designer lookinto local consignment stores especially in affluent neighborhoods you would be recycling clothes, still looking great, and for about 1/3 if not less of the price.

  • Kendra

    Why would someone buy this, it’s too expensive. (fb)

  • EmMorris

    I got this tote on sale at Von Maur a couple years ago. It holds up so well. It’s really thick and durable. It’s a great shopping tote. It was $37, plus I worked there and got the 20% discount. You just have to wait until the price falls. It always does. Never buy full price. One store or another will have it cheap eventually.