Marc by Marc Jacobs Groovee Doctor’s Bag

Remember when Amanda brought you the luscious purple Marc by Marc Bag? You all loved it so much that the store sold out from Amanda’s post. Yes, that bag. That shade of regal purple that did not scream out pompous but left a perfectly good taste in your mouth is back! The Marc by Marc Jacobs Doctor’s Bag has showed up on Net A Porter’s UK side, meaning that our friends across the pond are the lucky ones this time. The interior is funky and the exterior is divine. Now, if only I lived in the UK and could grab this bag off of NAP! £365 via Net a Porter UK or

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  • Grace

    I saw this bag at Nordstroms as well… so they have it too! :)

  • mette

    This surely is not a bag I´d choose. Never liked MJ bags. There is no structure here and the shade of purple is just awful.

    • dangster

      Mette, I think it’s safe to assume at this point that you won’t EVER like anything about any MJ handbag. :???:

      What is it about this shade of purple you don’t like? I’m curious. It’s clear you are in minority here about this color. I like how this purple is bright and bold without being flashy or overwhelming.

  • Lindi

    I’ve seen this at Nordstrom too. The color is a bit bright for me but I do love purple bags. The only thing I did NOT like about this bag is the wide shoulder strap. IMHO 1.5-2″ wide is overkill for anything less than a briefcase/messenger.

  • Lindi

    I’ve seen this at Nordstrom too. The color is a bit bright for me but I do love purple bags. The only thing I did NOT like about this bag is the wide shoulder strap. IMHO 1.5-2 inches wide is overkill for anything that is not a briefcase or messenger bag.

  • cakegirl

    It is available at for those that do not have a Nordstroms.

  • MsTIna

    I’ve always been a fan of MbMJ bags and this is a great size for all the stuff that I feel that I need to carry around all the time! The color is very nice, very fall.

  • janis

    I, too saw it at Nordies along with a couple of other styles in this color…love it!

  • jo

    hey i love this bag… i saw a grey one at saks fifth

  • Amanda… You trend setter you :wink:

  • Tara Sauvage

    I saw this bag at Nordstrom and I was not impressed with the quality of the leather, did not feel very good quality.

  • Patti

    Agreed with the leather quality. I had Nordstroms take out all 5 of the purple bags and each had a different shade of purple and leather grains. Those in the MD/NOVA area, I’ve seen this bag everywhere: Nordstroms, Saks, Bloomies…

  • Jamie

    Almost bought this on Eluxury but not before I saw this at Nordstrom. Was appalled at how cheaplooking it really looked. I’m really glad I didn’t buy it!

  • I love the buttery soft leather of Marc Jacobs bags…this is a sensational hue of purple…I’m in love.

  • Amy

    I saw this one @ bloomingdales, and I love it!! I am totally up for bright colors and the price is pretty affordable.

  • Annette

    I bought this bag as a birthday present to myself after seeing it at Nordstrom. It’s my first Marc by Marc Jacobs. I do have a regular Marc Venetia in black that I love, so I thought I’d try his more affordable line. I love the purple color, and wanted something other than my Louis Vuitton classics or other black leather bags by Botkier and etc. that I have or the lovely Nylon and Deer skin Prada that I was lucky enough to purchase in Paris last year. I was on the fence about the leather, but it has grown on me. It felt a bit odd at first, but after using the bag for a couple of weeks, it seems to have come into its own. It seems softer and more supple after a bit of wear. The color is great and is wonderful to wear with dark long jeans and pointy toes. I usually wear big, chunky jewelry with jewel tones to offset it. I love it. For those of you who feel it’s a bit bright, it’s nothing compared to the cranberry one that he made in the turnlock series…now THAT was too bright. :) Purple is the color of royalty and it’s hard to find a great bag in a cool color that you can use more than just one season. after careful consideration, I’m happy with my purchase. I hope all of you are too. :)

  • angel

    I bought this at Nordstrom. But the leather quality is not as good as the picture look. kind of cheap looking and the strap is really odd. With that price, I think I can get a better one.

  • Miss Marina

    I love this bag! Love the color, and the interior! Love MJ!!!!!

  • ssingh

    I just recently purchased this bag after seeing this blog and I absolutely love it. It’s a perfect size to use everyday, the color is beautiful. Not too bright, but just enough pop. I’m very happy with the purchase and I think the quality of the bag is simply superb! Thanks for the suggestion Amanda!

  • Kendra

    The purple and green is nice. (fb)

  • Deb

    i love purple!!!! ;) one of the colours that make me happy. i have a groovee in red hot (fb)