Love It or Leave It

Love It or Leave It: Canvas Totes All Year Round

Should canvas totes be used exclusively for the beach or are you digging the everyday trend?

Like it or not, many trends are driven by influencer culture. As an active member of the PurseBlog community, I’ve picked up on the fact that many of you don’t exactly enjoy the influence that bloggers and social media have on shopping and they don’t impact your decisions when purchasing handbags. However, it can’t go ignored that influencers have an impact on fashion trends for the masses. One trend I believe blew up due to influencer culture? Canvas tote bags as every-day, non-beachy handbags.

I can still vividly remember scrolling through instagram one winter morning several years ago when an influencer I was following at the time posed in the snow with a pink Deauville Chanel tote bag. It struck me as odd that she was bundled up in the snow wearing a bag that I could only describe as a beach or pool tote. However, I clicked “like” and moved on. A few weeks later and I noticed many influencers on my feed carrying the same beach tote bag throughout the winter, spring, summer, and eventually, into the fall.

Fast forward to 2021 and you can find many iterations of the canvas tote bag. Sure, a canvas tote design is nothing new to fashion, but wearing one as an everyday bag is certainly a trend in my eyes. Do you love this trend or would you leave it? For me personally, I’m leaving it for the beach and looking ahead to other trends for my next handbag purchase.

For anyone loving the everyday canvas bag trend, I rounded up a few styles just for you. With summer around the corner, now could be a good time to stock up on a canvas bag even if you intend on carrying it only only to the beach.

[featured image via @alyssa.lenore]

Chanel Deauville Tote Bag ($4,735)

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote Bag ($1,250)

The Marc Jacobs Traveler Canvas Tote ($195)

Chloé Large Woody Logo Strap Canvas Tote ($990)

Tory Burch Elle Quardrant Canvas & Leather Tote ($428)

Golden Goose Slogan Print Canvas Bag ($490)

Prada Logo-Print Canvas Bag ($1,520)


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  1. Justice Avatar

    Canvas bags with GIANT BRANDING.
    Not attractive.

  2. rudy Avatar

    A canvas tote can be practical every now and then, but it doesn’t give me the joy of carrying a luxury bag. I don’t need the logo and corresponding price tag for a canvas tote.

  3. Pretty Avatar

    I love Chanel canvas totes and carry them year round.

  4. Tana Avatar

    Honestly people, WHO set the rule which bag should one carry? I’m carry what I like and need to use in that specific time.

    1. Artsy Avatar

      Exactly! Also, I’ll wear any color, any style, anytime, any season! I’m here to make myself happy & if someone doesn’t like it, that’s ok. Just watch me & my “unseasonal” bag walk around, doing my thing. ?

    2. Jaime Avatar

      It appears I should have a middle part in my hair, wearing super big pants, with a canvas bag. This sounds horrible to me. I am not listening to 20 year old for fashion tips. (unless they are deep into fashion)

      1. Tana Avatar

        You are making some big ASSumptions re: who you think I am or my age. I posted a comment and you unnecessarily responded with your overly entitled and privileged ignorance. Your comment showed how close minded and desperate you are to constantly and randomly attack everyone, without provocation.

      2. Tana Avatar

        Uh..hello can you use another username? This name is taken lol

      3. Jaime Avatar

        I think you may have misunderstood my point. I agree with you about carrying what you choose. I don’t follow fashion tips any group. And you can go through every single post I have EVER made. I have never ever attacked anyone. I think you may need to re-read my comment. Definitely not an attack.

      4. Jaime Avatar

        I just re read you comment again and I’m still confused as to wear you think I come off as entitled and desperate. I thought we were talking about purses. Yikes.

  5. James Avatar

    you should have a look at the Rimowa canvas tote, looks delicious and functional

    1. Randi Avatar

      They are really great and appear well made!

  6. KD Avatar

    Tote bags are practical but boring. I would never spend a lot of money for a bunch of sewn-together, canvas rectangles with straps just because it has a designer label. The Tory Burch bag at least has some interesting design elements whether or not you like the big logo. Hard pass.

  7. Guest Avatar

    I feel very poor seeing that 4k Canvas from Chanel
    At the same time would feel stupid buying a 4k Canvas bag even if I have the money.
    I got their non leather bags at a discount price via my friend’s employee discount a few years back. And I thought those are already too expensive.

  8. Grandmasutra Avatar

    I have the balenciaga canvas, that I bought from a Japan reseller for like 300 it’s good for a casual jeans/beach flex day.

  9. psny15 Avatar

    I think everyone should carry whatever they want whenever they want it ?

    I carry Canvas bags in the summer

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