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The 11 Best Louis Vuitton Purchases By Our Members

From the super rare to the holiday specials, see what tPFers bought in October!

One of the best aspects of our PurseForum is the active camaraderie shared over all things bags related. Sometimes it is about upcoming releases, other times about helping make decisions, and much of the time it is about sharing recent purchases. I like to stay up to date on what everyone else is buying, because if you aren’t shopping yourself, might as well enjoy others shopping, and I loved seeing the latest Louis Vuitton additions.

October was filled with more Louis Vuitton newness, and I love seeing all the special renditions of the bags we already know and love. I was most intrigued by the all-over sequins Speedy 18 as well as the special Holiday pieces that were starting to trickle in.

November and December is when these threads will shine, with far more eye-candy than you can imagine! For now, here are the latest and greatest purchases from the PurseForum’s Louis Vuitton members!

New Louis Vuitton

LV oct post

sequin speedy

Louis vuitton Bicolor LV Speedy B 25 in Empriente leather

louis vuitton speedy constellation collection

louis vuitton Trianon PM

Trianon PM
posted by carlyk

louis vuitton highrise bag

louis vuitton nano speedy constellation collection

louis vuitton christmas animation nano speedy

louis vuitton vivienne

louis vuitton mink fur Nano Speedy

louis vuitton vivienne


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  1. Sarah Avatar

    That sequins bag!! Swoon!

    1. Brandy Avatar

      Love that one too 🖤

  2. Rina Avatar

    Love nano speedy😍

  3. kemilia Avatar

    Love seeing these, this has to be the cutest Christmas animation yet!

    1. Megs Mahoney Dusil Avatar
      Megs Mahoney Dusil

      It is so cute!! I am not supposed to be buying anything but seems like I need to haha

  4. Tania Avatar

    This is why we need Purseforum Roundup to make a regular appearance.
    I miss those.